SNU Special Interest Categories

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Medical Doctors

2015 V14N7 Dr. James Coppin MD: Practicing Preventative Medicine
2014 V13N9 Drs. Richard & Karilee Shames MDs: Thyroid Health
2014 V13N10 Dr. Carolyn Dean MD: The Doctor of the Future
2014 V13N11 Dr. Ken Nedd MD: Live A Happier Life
2013 V12N5 Dr. Andrew Wakefield MD: MMR Vaccine & Autism
2011 V10N5 Dr. Julian Whitaker MD: Orthomolecular Medicine Pioneer
2010 V9N10 Dr. Jay Wortman MD: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & First Nations
2009 V8N9 Dr. Elson Haas MD: Integrative Medicine, Detoxification & Staying Healthy
2009 V8N7 Dr. Kenneth Cooper MD: The Father of Aerobics
2006 V5N1 Dr. David Matthews MD: Cranial Facial Surgeon. High Intensity Training
2006 V5N7 Dr. Zoltan Rona MD: Practicing Natural Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors

2016 V15N3 Dr. David Getoff: Board Certified Naturopath
2015 V14N8 Dr. Gordon Pederen ND: Alkaline Structured Silver
2012 V11N2 Dr. Peter Glidden ND: The MD Emperor Has No Clothes
2012 V11N3 Dr. Joel Wallach ND: Dead Doctors Don't Lie
2012 V11N12 Dr. Seema Kanwal ND: Naturopathy & Teaching the PSN Course
2011 V10N8 Dr. Adriana Restagno ND: CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products
2008 V7N4 Dr. Ron Schmid ND: Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine
2007 V6N3 Dr. Elvis Ali ND: Athletes, Education & Natural Treatment
2006 V5N9 Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky ND:Traditional Healing Systems. Healing Retreats & Natural Therapies
2004 V3N5 Dr. Ron Reichert ND: Defining Naturopathy. Treat The Cause Not The Symptom
2004 V3N2 Dr. Gina Nick No Quick Fix, Provide Your Body With The Tools It Needs
2003 V2N7 Dr. Tutti Gould ND: Homeopathy and Tissue Salts for Athletes


2016 V15N4 Dr. David Rowland: Author & Educator
2016 V15N5 Dr. Aubrey de Grey: Biomedical Gerontologist
2016 V15N2 Dr. Tiffany Wright: The Skinny Coach
2015 V15N1 Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Research Scientist
2014 V13N3 Dr. Hans Kugler Anti-Aging Specialist
2014 V13N7 Dr. Elizabeth Plourde Sunscreen & Electromagnetic Fields
2013 V12N10 Dr. Michael Colgan The Einstein of Sports Nutrition
2012 V11N1 Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy The Insanity of Psychotropic Drug Use
2009 V8N5 Dr. Michael Colgan Nutrigenomics, DHA & Inhibition of Aging
2009 V8N11 Dr. Kay Larson Professional Insight on Building Your Business
2008 V7N5 Dr. Michael Colgan Save Your Brain and Bill C51
2008 V7N9 Dr. Loren Cordain Paleolithic Nutrition
2008 V7N10 Dr. Mark Smith Health & Performance Benefits of Interval Training
2007 V6N5 Dr. Michael Colgan Power Program, Politics & Nutrition for Champions
2006 V5N5 Dr. Michael Colgan Flexibility & Carbohydrate Management
2006 V5N12 Dr. Darryn Willoughby Physiological Mechanisms in Muscle
2005 V4N2 Dr. Terry Willard Tune Up Your Body. Detoxification, Herbs and Mushrooms
2005 V4N5 Dr. Michael Colgan Physiology Of The Human Body. Train Correctly
2004 V3N1 Dr. John Winterdyk Triathlete Training, Speed and Endurance
2004 V3N6 Dr. Michael Colgan Aging Is A Matter Of Damage. Understanding The Basic Principles
2004 V3N7 Dr. Fred Haynes Alternative Health Industry Trends. Martial Artist Extraordinaire
2004 V3N10 Dr. Jose Antonio International Society of Sports Nutrition
2003 V2N5 Dr. Michael Colgan Train Your Body From The Inside Out!
2003 V2N6 Dr. Fred Crawford Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant Testing
2002 V1N9 J. D. Campbell Minerals and Health
2002 V1N4 Dr. Michael Colgan Nutrients Improve Performance


2016 V15N10 Dr. James Chestnut: Eat Well Move Well Think Well
2014 V13N2 Dr. Jeffrey Spencer Wellness Chiropractor
2013 V12N6 Dr. Craig Buhler Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT)
2003 V2N12 Dr. Michael Horowitz Principals of Chiropractic Medicine


2015 V14N3 RoseMarie Pierce: Holistic Pharmacist
2003 V2N8 Sherry Torkos The Holistic Pharmacist


2015 V14N9 Adam O'Meara CSNA: Professional Triathlete
2015 V14N1 Nick Ugoalah Whatever It Takes!
2015 V14N6 George Du Rand CSNA: Olympic Athlete
2013 V12N4 Frank Alvarez Athlete, Pilot, Coach & Fitness Leader
2009 V8N10 Laura Creavalle Pro Bodybuilder, Author, Chef and Trainer
2007 V6N4 Ocean Bloom Lifestyle Advice & Real Life Motivation
2007 V6N11 Bruny Surin Olympic Gold Medalist
2006 V5N4 Debbie Perry Expert Advice on Running
2006 V5N6 Brenda Brazier Sports Nutrition Vegan Style
2006 V5N8 Maria Mikola Gymnastics & Bodybuilding
2005 V4N10 Mari-Ann Drevvatne BC Adventure Bootcamp. Discipline Pays Well
2005 V4N11 Alexander Suaste Martial Arts & Nutrition
2004 V3N4 Lui Passaglia Canadian Football Legend. Keeping The Balance
2003 V2N9 Phil Campbell Ready Set Go Fitness and Growth Hormone
2003 V2N11 Sherry Ann Boudreau Performance Training for Fitness Competitors
2002 V1N11 Lee Labrada Weight Lifting The Fountain of Youth
2002 V1N12 Nick Ugoalah Home Grown Championship Wrestling

Personal Trainers & Coaches

2015 V14N1 Nick Ugoalah Whatever It Takes!
2015 V14N2 Ian King World Leader in Athlete Preparation
2015 V14N4 Spencer Coppin CSNA: Superhuman Summit
2015 V14N5 George Tausan CSNA: Building A New Certification Program
2014 V13N4 Russ Brown CSNA CrossFit Coach
2014 V13N8 Tony Dolezel Reverse Hyperextensions
2013 V12N1 Ryan Sleigh Change, Education & Living the Good Life!
2013 V12N2 Katie Handyside Entrepreneur, Body Coach & Personal Trainer
2012 V11N5 Matt Kendrick mKlifefit Health Made Simple
2012 V11N7 Remy Moelchand Health Perspective from the Netherlands
2011 V10N6 Nancy Lockington FemSport for Women
2011 V10N12 Jason Scott Power Plate Trainer & Acceleration Training
2009 V8N8 Lance Walker The Michael Johnson Performance Center
2009 V9N12 Charles Poliquin Poliquin International Certification Program
2008 V7N6 Paul Chek How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy
2008 V7N11 George Boedecker Age is a State of Mind & Body
2007 V6N4 Ocean Bloom Lifestyle Advice & Real Life Motivation
2007 V6N6 Bruce Krahn Expert Health & Fitness Advice
2007 V6N9 Darrell Greenwood & Katie Derusha Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultants
2006 V5N8 Maria Mikola Gymnastics & Bodybuilding
2006 V5N4 Debbie Perry Expert Advice on Running
2005 V4N7 Ken Taylor Teacher & Track Coach. The Study Of Biology and ATP
2005 V4N10 Mari-Ann Drevvatne BC Adventure Bootcamp. Discipline Pays Well
2005 V4N11 Alexander Suaste Martial Arts & Nutrition
2004 V3N12 Andre Potvin Putting The Personal In Personal Training
2003 V2N11 Sherry Ann Boudreau Performance Training for Fitness Competitors