Adam O'Meara CSNA: Professional Triathlete

V14N9c - Guest
Adam O'Meara is an elite level triathlete who has completed over 15 Ironman triathlons and has multiple top 10 finishes. With the better part of a decade left in his professional career his goal is clear, to win Ironman distance triathlons.

Adam is a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor and plans to begin his CSNA Masters degree studies in late 2015. He works in the Natural Health Product industry as a territory representative for Purica. Adam also offers nutrition advising services to active people and athletes who wish to improve performance and long term health.

In his spare time he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his son hiking in the woods, playing soccer in the backyard and making "power smoothies" at any time of day.
Adam Interview with Dr.C