CSNA Education Program Details

CSNA Student Enrollment

Student enrollment begins with Course Enrollment and CHI Membership registration. Upon enrollment each student is assigned a personal file and student number. The Institute monitors the progress of each student until completion of the entire program. When student registration is completed, you will be contacted by email to confirm your course registration and set-up your first meet and greet consultation.

The CSNA Education Program (Seventh Edition 2020) consists of 10 Modules (PDF Format)

Module 1 Human Anatomy
Module 2 Energy and Cellular Metabolism
Module 3 The Primary Building Blocks
Module 4 Dietary Supplement Review
Module 5 Body Typing and Individual Assessment
Module 6 Training and Exercise Philosophy
Module 7 Achieving Your Ideal Bodyweight
Module 8 Performance Enhancing Drugs
Module 9 Training Injuries: Natural Treatment
Module 10 Screening and Diagnostic Tools

How To Complete This Course

Each Module is completed in the sequence listed above beginning with Module One. The length of time required to complete each Module has been estimated at approximately 20-40 hours, depending on the students' ability to comprehend the material, reading speed and the number of pages per individual Module (average number of pages per Module is 150). At the discretion of the student each study Module can be printed in color or B/W and inserted into a binder of their choice. Many students also read the course text on their Tablet, SmartPhone or eReader.

At the end of each Module PDF there is an online student self-test assignment consisting of 20 multiple choice open-book test questions. To answer them correctly the student is required to read through the entire course material and listen to specific SNU audio tutorials. The student must complete the test questions at the end of the study Module as instructed before moving on to the next Module.

Module test questions are answered online by logging into the Student Members Page. The passing grade for each student self-test assignment is 100%. Each student self-test may be attempted as many times as necessary until the student achieves 100%.

Students are sent one study module at a time by email beginning with Module One. Students must complete the modules in chronological sequence as each module builds upon previous principles and text revealed in the previous module. This online system of student education and individual module completion has been shown to ensure the highest rate of CSNA course graduation. After CHI receives email notification confirming the successful completion of the student self-test assignment for the current Module, the email will be added to the student file as evidence of completion. The student will then be sent the next module in sequence by email.

To receive a CHI Certificate of Graduation from the Institute and the copyrighted designation of Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) each student must complete all 10 Modules including the self-test exams, submit a final dissertation (ten free-style written essays), complete and submit the results of a personal fitness assessment and participate in a final online live chat interview with Dr. Holly. This is a digital home study distance learning course designed for practicality and real life application. Students may take as long as required to complete each Module. There is no time limit provided the student remains an active CHI Member. If student fees are not maintained on a monthly or annual basis, the student forfeits their CSNA tuition and/or their ability to complete the program.

Upon successful completion of the entire CSNA program the Institute will provide each student with a CSNA Certificate of Graduation

CSNA Student Telephone Consultations

Meet & Greet
Before you receive your Student Number, Username, Password and first module by email, you will need to be available for a meet & greet telephone consultation with Dr. Holly. He will ask you about your health and fitness background, discover your current career objectives, go through the course material with you personally, take you for a tour through the website and answer any questions you have. After this session concludes (~ 60 minutes) you will receive Module One by email so you can commence your studies.

Student Telephone Progress Check
After you complete Modules One through Five, another appointment will be made for you to have a Student Progress Check, during which time Dr.C will briefly go through each of the first five modules, summarize some of the major points and principles and answer any student questions. After this session concludes (~ 60 minutes) you will receive Module Six by email so you can recommence your studies.

Student Telephone Module Wrap-Up & Final Dissertation
After you complete Modules Six through Ten, another appointment will be made for you to have a final Student Module Wrap, during which time Dr.C will briefly go through each of the last five course modules, summarize some of the major points and principles and answer any student questions.

Dr.C will then provide a detailed explanation of the student dissertation and certification process, after which you will receive by email a copy of your digital dissertation PDF and a PDF document that explains how to complete it. After this session concludes (~ 60 minutes) you can begin working on your dissertation and arrange to have a personal fitness assessment. The fitness assessment can be completed anytime throughout the course completion process.

CSNA Student Dissertation & Fitness Assessment Details

Students can take as long as they like to complete their final dissertation, as there is no time limit. Average time for completion is 1-3 months. When complete, the completed dissertation and fitness assessment must be sent by email to Dr. Holly for marking and review which usually takes 1-2 weeks.


Final Student Dissertation Interview

After Dr.C has finished marking your dissertation and reviewed your personal fitness assessment, the student will need to be available for a final online video consultation with Dr. Holly to discuss and review their dissertation and fitness assessment in detail. The student will also receive personal instruction and tutoring from Dr.C on procedures for clients related to dietary analysis and Sport Type psychoanalysis. This entire process usually takes 2-3 hours to complete.

Video Consultation (face-to-face)

Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Facebook users can utilize video calling on Messenger. If you use Facebook please send a friend request to Cory Holly (search Facebook). Alternatively, if you currently use Skype please invite CHI to join your Skype contact list in advance of the scheduled interview. If you do not have Skype, please visit www.Skype.com and follow the procedure for downloading the free software. Skype to Skype calls are free to any member worldwide. CHI Skype name: chinstitute

CSNA Student Certificate of Graduation

After the final interview with Dr. Holly is complete the marked dissertation and reviewed fitness assessment will be returned to the student by email. The student will also receive by email an official letter to confirm their CSNA graduation, a printable PDF of their CSNA Certificate of Graduation and a copy of the Encyclopedia of Sports Nutrition to serve as a future study and reference guide. The CSNA education program is now complete, certification is secured, and the student now qualifies for enrollment in the CSNA Masters Program.

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