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Dr. Cory Holly Naturopath

Educator, Research Consultant, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher & Coach

Dr. Cory Holly is the Founder & President of the Cory Holly Institute (CHI), Online School of Holistic Health, Sport & Exercise Nutrition since 1995 and is the Meet Director and Host of the Cory Holly Classic annual track and field meet in Vernon. He is the author of the CSNA Education Program, a dozen books and courses and hundreds of magazine articles. Dr. Holly competes as a Masters athlete and lectures at seminars, universities and trade shows on topics related to sports nutrition, anti-aging, health & fitness.

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Career & Education Summary

Tracy Kaye Holly CSNA Master

Managing Director, Administration and Public Relations

Tracy Holly CSNA Master is the Managing Director and public relations officer for the Cory Holly Institute (CHI). She is a strong health & fitness activist and is a great believer in alternative medicine. Tracy is the author of The Athlete's Cookbook, Sports Nutrition for Kids and Simple Strategies for Living Lean and Staying Well. Tracy also writes for several national health and fitness magazines. Tracy has worked as a National Spokesperson for several sports nutrition companies lecturing to territory managers, health food store retailers and consumers on Natural Strategies for Healthy Weight Management and Obesity Related Diseases.

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