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How do you spell health according to its functional utility? W.O.R.K - Be Willing to have Order and Repeat the Knowledge

Rachel Kobilke CSNA

"As I am hoping to raise a family of my own one day, my main goal in life is to raise my children in a health-conscious, active environment from the day they are born. As much as possible, I hope to help them avoid many of the pitfalls that were present in my childhood which eventually led to my struggles with diet and body composition."

Surrey BC

Morgan Glover CSNA

"This course has completely changed the way I look at nutrition and the world we live in. I have become more aware of the consequences associated with western agriculture and have been introduced to a new world of natural health products I was not familiar with."

Prince George BC

Taylor Anderson

"As far as a life goal of mine, it would be to be in a position with where I’m able to provide people with the knowledge and experience I’ve obtained through my own training and research proven ways to optimize ones health and well being. That for me would be the most fulfilling way I believe I can serve."

Richmond BC

Sadiyah Ansari CSNA

"I value health and performance above all that this world has to offer, because no one can put a price on health and no one can ever buy it anywhere, it's something you have to work hard to earn. People need to learn how to become well-nourished and physically fit from the inside out."

Surrey, BC

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