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“Enroll in the CSNA Education Program and learn how to end the struggle with food addiction and disordered eating"

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Viktor Blagojevic CSNA

"My optimal goal is to motivate people that anything is possible and that the last variable that should hold you back is your age. Age is just a number and there is a big difference between Chronological and Biological age. Anything is possible as long as you have a clear vision of doing it."

Coquitlam BC

Asma Kassam CSNA

"My hopes as a CSNA are to continually shed light and deeper education in everyday topics that come up such as carbohydrates, protein, stress, fatigue, weight loss, lack of time, and so on."

Vancouver BC

Holistic, Integrative & Functional Online Sports Nutrition Education Center...

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Leon David CSNA

"A CSNA can help teach the difference between whole food and refined foods and explain how they assist in achieving ideal body composition, improving immunity and enhancing overall health. When combined with natural health products, exercise and physical activity, improved vitality and a zest for life is not only possible, it’s practically unavoidable."

Brisbane Australia

Yi Jinn (Marzie) Chai CSNA

"Empathy is crucial when discussing with clients about solutions and to understanding their lifestyle and diet. I believe the key is to work towards changing their habits by being a walking model of a healthy lifestyle and radiate the amount of positivity that it brings to your daily life."

Vancouver BC