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"The CSNA Education Program teaches students how to avoid the need for medical treatment by preventing diseaseā€

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Coaches & Athletes

Coaches who graduate from the CSNA Education Program are certified to teach athletes how to supply their unique biological demands. Coaches can help their athletes perform better, reduce injury risk and get leaner through improved nutrition. Athletes who eat as hard as they train function and perform better, especially masters age athletes. Learn how to reduce inflammation, improve training recovery and master the art of hydration.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers who graduate from the CSNA Education Program are certified to create meal plans, teach clients how to eat better for health and weight loss, and provide expert advice on the correct use of dietary supplements and natural health products. The best personal trainers today have knowledge not only in physiology, anatomy, kinesiology and body mechanics, but also nutrition science, biochemistry and functional medicine.

Health Food Retailers

Health Food Store Retailers and Wholesale Reps who graduate from the CSNA Education Program are certified to discuss sports nutrition, exercise, sport and fitness supplement options with customers and clients of every age and background. Teach your customers what to use and how to use them to improve their performance! Movement and physical activity are as important to health and wellness as what we eat. CSNA Graduate Testimonies...

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Parents & Grandparents

Parents and Grandparents who graduate from the CSNA Education Program know how to eat clean, move and exercise for the right reasons and have discovered a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their own personalized acquisition of optimum functional health. They know the difference between life span, health span and life expectancy are are willing to do what it takes to improve quality and length of life for both themselves and their families.

Teachers & Educators

Teachers and Educators who graduate from the CSNA Education Program can share what they have learned and now clearly understand about optimum health, disease prevention, whole foods, sport and exercise with their students. They can separate the wheat from the chaff and help prepare students for a better, brighter future with their personal functional health in mind. Health comes first. Students who eat nutritious food and move routinely as a way of life are less prone to obesity and chronic degenerative disease.

Paramedics, Firefighters & Police Officers

Paramedics, Firefighters & Police Officers who graduate from the CSNA Education Program know how to utilize nutrition and exercise science to better protect themselves against the hazards of work related stress. In epigenetic and personalized lifestyle medicine research work related physical, mental and emotional chronic stress are known to reduce telomeres and increase both the risk of depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Health Professionals

Health professionals who graduate from the CSNA Education Program are certified to teach patients and clients how to eat better and use natural health products to improve overall health and wellness. Health professionals include doctors specializing in functional medicine, sports medicine physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, herbalists, etc...Holistic sports nutrition is a function of motivation and inspiration through education.