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“The secret to mastering diet and nutrition with balance and precision equal to exercise is to eat as hard as you train.”

Robert McCarron CSNA

"My main goal is to be at my optimum health, to live at my fullest potential on a fitness level and to inspire, motivate and help others to achieve the same goal. I would like to one day become an elite trainer and athlete."

Burnaby BC

Nicole Sims CSNA

"What I want to achieve most is to live a long and healthy life myself, giving me the energy to care for my family to the best of my ability for as long as I can. I want to keep slowly marching forward, trying to be better than I was yesterday. After helping myself and my family, I wish to help as many others as possible to find a healthy lifestyle."

Vancouver BC

Sandip Oppal CSNA

"My goal in the future is to open a practice that focuses on preventative healthcare and a holistic approach to health while bridging the gap between the medical field and fitness industry. I plan to open an exercise clinic in which there is continuity of care once you leave the doctor’s office and they tell you to exercise by having an adjacent gym next to the clinic where prescribed exercise programs will be carried out."
Toronto ON

Natasha Tinant CSNA

"We want to be the best version of ourselves, and the more we talk about what is in our food or what it can do for our movement and longevity the more we can all benefit. Exercise speaks for itself and the more we move the more our brain signals to us how good it feels, and we start to shift our mood and sometimes even crave the movement."

Estevan Sask

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