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“If You Get the Biological Structure Right, Correct Function Will Follow As Night Follows Day & Day Follows Night…”

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Spencer Coppin CSNA

"The CSNA course has been a rewarding process. I would like to thank Cory and Tracy for sharing all that they have learned with me."

Richmond BC

Angela Katelouzos CSNA

"I enrolled in the CSNA program to learn about nutrition…during the duration of my learning, I have implemented many aspects of sports nutrition into my life. Sports nutrition was the missing element and its become a lifestyle for me. Knowledge is power and experience is the best instructor."

New Westminster BC

Holistic, Integrative & Functional Online Sports Nutrition Education Center...

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Thomas Ehle CSNA

“The CHI Camp Hawaii was simply great. The speakers were excellent. The lecture contents were cutting-edge. I loved the combination of education, training and recreation. Cory & Tracy, you are amazing hosts! You made everyone feel comfortable and at home. And the food was delicious and plentiful....another great combination.”

Bangkok Thailand

Rhonda Kuiper CSNA

"A CSNA can help you customize and fine-tune your diet in order to live healthier, lose body fat, reach your fitness goals, or prime you for a specific sporting event or competition. Sports nutrition is for everyone, because anyone can improve his or her wellness and performance by upping their nutrition game."

Vancouver BC