CHI Prime Directive

The CHI Prime Directive is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE taught by the Institute. Simply stated the CHI Prime Directive is as follows...

Supply Your Biological Demand

From a biological point of view, the CHI Prime Directive and function of nutrition is to supply a living organism with the energy and all of the essential and conditionally-essential micronutrients it requires for nourishment, optimum function and maintenance of life throughout its entire existence and health span. Taste, texture and culinary pleasure are secondary to the provision of such nutrients in relation to biological demand. The function of food is to sustain life (not only to gratify sensory pleasure).

This principle is all inclusive and applies to every member of our species irregardless of age, gender or lifestyle. The CHI Prime Directive also relates to the movement, exercise, sport and physical activity patterns required to sustain our natural form and function lifelong. Optimum health is the objective. It includes our emotional needs such as the need for affection, love and friendship and also intellectual development, including the process of knowing how to reason, think independently and acquire knowledge that helps sustain and grow the brain.

In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive is the most prominent guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets. The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations.

And so it is with CHI. Compliance to the universal laws that govern our individual health and wellness is the CHI Prime Directive. Nature isn’t prejudice. If you disobey her she will take you down well before your time and along the way you will suffer needlessly and miserably. As Francis Bacon once said, “To command Nature we must first obey her.”

The CHI Prime Directive with protein for example, and this principle applies to all vitamins, minerals, and dietary nutrients, is to provide the body with optimum quantities sufficient to supply the biological demand. Excessive quantities of anything, including protein, fat, carbohydrates and even water, creates imbalance and toxicity. On the other hand, an inadequate provision of the essential amino acids will result in deficiency, sub-optimal performance and even premature death.

The CHI Prime Directive was created to protect us from unnecessary pain and suffering. Failure to comply with this principle of logic and nutrition science, regardless of whatever we eat, including whole or refined food derived from plant or animals, results in "dis-ease" and a myriad of health problems. Nutrition compatibility is as important as compatibility with any friend or life partner. The CHI Prime Directive teaches us to design a diet that is compatible with our genome. Based on common sense and impartial scientific evidence, this is impossible if one eats dead, sterile, refined and depleted modern food. The diet must be whole, fresh, correctly prepared and reinforced with dietary supplements.

The Athlete's Food Pyramid - Cory Holly Series Book 2

No diet in history has ever supplied humans with everything they need biologically. Prior to the 20th Century, essential vitamins and minerals had yet to be discovered and we are still adding new ones to the list. Wholefood is like iron, and dietary supplements are to a wholefood diet what carbon is to steel. Steel is stronger, more flexible and more resistant to rust than iron alone.

Steel is created by adding carbon (supplements) to iron (wholefood diet). A wholefood diet reinforced with natural health products makes us stronger and more resistant to stress. It also protects us from uncontrolled free radical damage associated with aging and the environment.

It is possible for any individual to determine their best selection of whole foods over time, based on investigative research and experience using the principles of philosophy, science and body type paradigms presented in the CSNA Education Program. If we understand the purpose of food and utilize the science associated with healthy living as our Prime Directive, we should never have any difficulty controlling the outcome of our body composition or staying free from disease and infection as we age. The objective of the CHI Prime Directive is optimum functional health.