Clinical Review

Clinical Review (Part 1) narrated by Dr.C. Includes special commentary, clinical evidence and a tutorial related to the CSNA Education Program. Clinical Review investigates the latest science, natural health products and a variety of functional health & fitness strategies designed to enhance longevity, optimum health and athletic performance. Click the blue link, scroll down, download, listen and learn!

Volume Seventeen

2018 V17N1 PSN No. 40: The New Paradigm of Sports Nutrition
2018 V17N2 PSN No. 41: Why Take Supplements?
2018 V17N3 PSN No. 42: Build Strength
2018 V17N4 Sports Performance Anxiety (Part 1)
2018 V17N5 Sports Performance Anxiety (Part 2)
2018 V17N6 Science: What Is It?
2018 V17N7 Negative Entropy
2018 V17N8 PSN No. 43: Prevent Disease
2018 V17N9 PSN No. 44: Healthy Aging
2018 V17N10 PSN No. 45: Hierarchy of Supplements Pyramid
2018 V17N11 PSN No. 46: Raw Materials

Volume Sixteen

2017 V16N1 PSN No. 36: Superfoods
2017 V16N2 Insulin: The Anabolic Hormone
2017 V16N3 Glucagon: The Anti-Insulin Hormone
2017 V16N4 Time Restricted Feeding
2017 V16N5 Melatonin: Brain Bio-Antioxidant
2017 V16N6 Human Growth Hormone
2017 V16N7 Cortisol: King of Catabolism
2017 V16N8 PSN # 37: Functional Foods
2017 V16N9 Why Physician's Don't Prescribe Vitamins
2017 V16N10 PSN No. 38: Artificial Sweeteners
2017 V16N11 Periodization
2017 V16N12 PSN No. 39: The Future of the Human Diet

Volume Fifteen

2016 V15N1 PSN No. 30: pH Balance
2016 V15N2 Exercise, Cognitive Function & Energy
2016 V15N3 PSN No. 31: Recipe For Health
2016 V15N4 PSN No. 32: The Athlete's Food Pyramid
2016 V15N5 PSN No. 33: Nutrition Myths
2016 V15N6 PSN No. 34: Traditional Native Diets
2016 V15N7 Nutritional Genomics
2016 V15N8 Minerals: Their Importance in Human Nutrition
2016 V15N9 PSN No. 35: The Importance & Safety of Protein (Part 1)
2016 V15N10 PSN No. 35: The Importance & Safety of Protein (Part 2)
2016 V15N11 Life is a Sport
2016 V15N12 The True Wealth of Health

Volume Fourteen

2015 V14N1 PSN No. 23: The Human Cell
2015 V14N2 PSN No. 24: Protein
2015 V14N3 Prescription For Energy
2015 V14N4 PSN No. 25: Biological Value
2015 V14N5 Fitness On The Move
2015 V14N6 PSN No. 26: Nitrogen Balance
2015 V14N7 PSN No. 27: Enzymes
2015 V14N8 PSN No. 28: Fat
2015 V14N9 Kids At The Gym
2015 V14N10 PSN No. 29: Carbs
2015 V14N11 Back To Nature
2015 V14N12 Indoor Stationary Rowing

Volume Thirteen

2014 V13N1 PSN No. 18: Thyroid Health
2014 V13N2 Wheyfinding: Which Whey To Go?
2014 V13N3 PSN No. 19: Testosterone
2014 V13N4 Mentorship Training: A Lost Art
2014 V13N5 PSN No. 20: Sleep & Rest
2014 V13N6 The Costanza Principle
2014 V13N7 Mighty Magnesium
2014 V13N8 PSN No. 21: Energy
2014 V13N9 Are Humans Becoming Less Intelligent?
2014 V13N10 Something From Nothing
2014 V13N11 PSN No. 22: Vitamins & Minerals
2014 V13N12 Natural Health Hawaiian Style

Volume Twelve

2013 V12N1 Sustainability: What It Really Means
2013 V12N2 The Multiple Benefits of Juicing
2013 V12N3 PSN No. 15: Sarcopenia
2013 V12N4 Sports Nutrition for Masters Athletes
2013 V12N5 PSN No. 16: Biological Age
2013 V12N6 The Benefits of Natural Light
2013 V12N7 PSN No. 17: Biomarkers of Health
2013 V12N8 Eat As Hard As You Train
2013 V12N9 The Science of Living Well: Life Extension & Healthy Aging
2013 V12N10 The Science of Living Well: Telomeres
2013 V12N11 The Science of Living Well: Calorie Restriction & Neuroplasticity
2013 V12N12 The Science of Living Well: Blue Zones

Volume Eleven

2012 V11N1 Sports Attrition: The Downside of What's Up
2012 V11N2 PSN No.11: Muscle: All Or Nothing
2012 V11N3 PSN No.12: Cardiovascular Health
2012 V11N4 Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition
2012 V11N5 Recovery: Essential to Health & Wellness
2012 V11N6 PSN No.13: Bones & Joints
2012 V11N7 Contest Preparation: Mr Hawaii 2013
2012 V11N8 Contest Preparation: Mr Hawaii 2013 (Part 2)
2012 V11N9 Contest Preparation: Mr Hawaii 2013 (Part 3)
2012 V11N10 Contest Preparation: Mr Hawaii 2013 (Part 4)
2012 V11N11 Too Much Too Little Too Late
2012 V11N12 PSN No.14: Endocrine Glands

Volume Ten

2011 V10N1 PSN No.4: Optimum Health
2011 V10N2 PSN No.5: Muscle: The Health Engine
2011 V10N3 PSN No.6: Nutrition
2011 V10N4 Equation for Health
2011 V10N5 PSN No.7: Exercise
2011 V10N6 PSN No.8: Dietary Supplements
2011 V10N7 Consistency from the Inside Out
2011 V10N8 PSN No.9: Biochemical Individuality
2011 V10N9 PSN No.10: Biological Medicine
2011 V10N10 Habits of Health: World Travel
2011 V10N11 PSN No.69: Motivation
2011 V10N12 Selfish Benevolence: The Science of Living Well

Volume Nine

2010 V9N1 The Power of Chi
2010 V9N2 Cheating on Your Diet
2010 V9N3 Constipation, Fiber & The Art of Pooping
2010 V9N4 The Significance of Friendly Bacteria
2010 V9N5 Stress Management, Hurry Sickness and Naturopathy
2010 V9N6 Thyroid Health
2010 V9N7 Let Go...and Let Health
2010 V9N8 The Wonderful World of Berries
2010 V9N9 The 7 Nutritional Lies of the 21st Century
2010 V9N10 PSN No.1: Sports Nutrition
2010 V9N11 PSN No.2: The Art
2010 V9N12 PSN No.3: The Science

Volume Eight

2009 V8N1 C-7: Hydration for Health & Performance
2009 V8N2 The Essentials: Supply Your Biological Demand
2009 V8N3 The Secret of Steel
2009 V8N4 Defining Your Purpose
2009 V8N5 Twelve Training Principles
2009 V8N6 The Art of Selling
2009 V8N7 CSNA Masters & New CHI Teaching Program
2009 V8N8 Consistency is Essential
2009 V8N9 The Necessity of Education
2009 V8N10 When Good Just Ain’t Good Enough
2009 V8N11 eTraining
2009 V8N12 Apitherapy

Volume Seven

2008 V7N1 The Big Four: L-Glutamine
2008 V7N2 The Big Four: Creatine (Part I)
2008 V7N3 The Big Four: Creatine (Part II)
2008 V7N4 The Big Four: Whey Protein Isolate (Part I)
2008 V7N5 Whey Protein Isolate (Part II)
2008 V7N6 Whey Protein Isolate (Part III)
2008 V7N7 The Squat: King of All Exercise
2008 V7N8 The Deadlift: King of Strength
2008 V7N9 The Bench Press: Chest Personified
2008 V7N10 High-Intensity Interval Training & Nutrition
2008 V7N11 The Story of Shake & Take
2008 V7N12 Lube Up and Protect with Sport Oil

Volume Six

2007 V6N1 Nutrition 101: Back to Basics
2007 V6N2 Recreational Drugs Intro
2007 V6N3 Recreational Drugs: Coffee & Caffeine
2007 V6N4 Recreational Drugs: Tobacco
2007 V6N5 Recreational Drugs: Alcohol
2007 V6N6 Recreational Drugs: Cannabis
2007 V6N7 Recreational Drugs: Cocaine
2007 V6N8 Recreational Drugs: Ecstasy
2007 V6N9 The Acronym of D.I.E.T.
2007 V6N10 Chlorophyll, Magnesium & Energy
2007 V6N11 The Myth of Muscle Memory
2007 V6N12 HMB

Volume Five

2006 V5N1 Silent Inflammation
2006 V5N2 The Importance of Protein
2006 V5N3 Do You Look Like You Train?
2006 V5N4 Running for Life (Part I)
2006 V5N5 Running for Life (Part II)
2006 V5N6 Running for Life (Part III)
2006 V5N7 Five Steps To Health
2006 V5N8 A Journey of Self-Discovery
2006 V5N9 Adrenal Exhaustion
2006 V5N10 Pantothenic Acid
2006 V5N11 Quality Control
2006 V5N12 Dreams, Purpose & Reality

Volume Four

2005 V4N1 Biological Bodybuilding & The ABCs of Sports Nutrition
2005 V4N2 Looking Out For # 1: You're Worth It!
2005 V4N3 Principles of Weight Management
2005 V4N4 The Chemistry of Insulin (Part I)
2005 V4N5 The Chemistry of Insulin (Part II)
2005 V4N6 Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load & Carb Density
2005 V4N7 The High Carbohydrate Myth
2005 V4N8 The Dope on Doping (part I)
2005 V4N9 The Dope on Doping (part II)
2005 V4N10 The Dope on Doping (part III)
2005 V4N11 Body Typing For Athletes (part I)
2005 V4N12 Body Typing For Athletes (part II)

Volume Three

2004 V3N1 Dietary Supplements II: Medical Opposition
2004 V3N2 The Endocrine System
2004 V3N3 Sports Nutrition: Sales & Service
2004 V3N4 Sports Nutrition: Three Steps to Sales Success
2004 V3N5 Blend Your Way to Health
2004 V3N6 Tanita Body Composition
2004 V3N7 Sports Injuries: Part One
2004 V3N8 Sports Injuries: Part Two
2004 V3N9 A New Paradigm of Sports Nutrition
2004 V3N10 Human Motivation: Desire or Necessity?
2004 V3N11 Motivation for Life (Part II)
2004 V3N12 Plyometrics, Balance Board, Swiss Ball, Yoga

Volume Two

2003 V2N1 The Art and Science of Sport Nutrition
2003 V2N2 The Art and Science of Weight Training
2003 V2N3 The Essential Keys To Training Success (Part I)
2003 V2N4 The Essential Keys To Training Success (Part II)
2003 V2N5 The Essential Keys To Training Success (Part III)
2003 V2N6 Skeletal System (Part I)
2003 V2N7 Skeletal System (Part II)
2003 V2N8 Body Composition Management
2003 V2N9 Preventing Sports Injuries
2003 V2N10 The Enigma of the Ectomorph
2003 V2N11 The New Science of Chronobiology
2003 V2N12 Dietary Supplements: The Intelligent Choice

Volume One

2002 V1N4 Creatine is Safe and Effective
2002 V1N5 12 Variables That Influence Human Performance
2002 V1N6 The Importance of Water
2002 V1N7 Hydration, Electrolytes and Glycerol
2002 V1N8 Vitamin C - If Dr. C Could Choose Just One
2002 V1N9 Vitamin E - Companion to Vitamin C
2002 V1N10 Energy - The Capacity to Perform Work
2002 V1N11 Muscle - Anatomy, Composition and Function
2002 V1N12 Muscle - Energy for Contraction and Fiber Types

Special Guest Interviews