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CHI Mission Statement

CHI is dedicated to teaching its students how to get well and age with excellent health through fitness and nutrition science. CHI student graduates are qualified to teach nutrition science, analyze diets and create health programs for clients that enhance health, function and performance. The CSNA Education Program provides students with nutrition chemistry and diet related knowledge that personal trainers and teachers need to combine with knowledge in exercise kinetics, rehab, physiology and all sport.

Education is the bridge that connects people to the knowledge which when applied heals and transforms the mind and body. CHI education and certification programs prepare students for employment in a wide variety of fitness, nutrition and health related fields including health food stores, personal training, coaching, athletic training, personal consulting, teaching, writing, lecturing, dietary supplement formulation, seminar planning, marketing and personal business development.

Consumer Health Information (CHI)

The Institute is committed to providing consumers worldwide with science based leading edge education resources in the area of sports nutrition, health and fitness. Graduates of the CSNA education program act as beacons of light in a world thirsty for reliable information, direction and leadership. Role models of health are the product of quality education and a strong work ethic.

Courage, Honor & Integrity (CHI)

Courage is the state or quality of mind that enables one to face danger, overcome fear and not fold under pressure with confidence and bravery. Without courage one cannot apply wisdom or stand for justice. Honor is a code of dignity and pride. Honor is associated with a good name, respect and a reputation for uprightness of character. Integrity is congruence between what is said and what is done. It is reliability and moral soundness. Integrity is the state of being unimpaired and whole.


Chi (also qi or ch'i) pronounced "chee" is the energy that flows. Inherent Chi is the energy we receive from our parents at the time of conception. Acquired Chi is the energy accumulated by the quality of life we choose to lead and the food and air we ingest. In order to absorb and integrate the external universal energy we must learn to integrate and strengthen the fundamental life force within. Good health is learning to live and be in harmony with all aspects of our internal world so that we may be in balance and good relationship with all aspects of our external world.

Coach Charles Poliquin on the existence of Chi

"There is no life without Chi..."