CHI Student Membership

Monthly [Recurring] Student Course Management Fee ($19.99 USD)

Annual [Recurring] Student Course Management Fee ($199.99 USD) Save 20%

Please Read the Following To Become A CHI Student Member (CSNA Student Course Management Fees)

All students enrolled in the CSNA Education program must be active CHI Student Members.

CHI Student Membership is mandatory for all enrolled and active students as a recurring monthly or annual STUDENT FEE until completion of any course. Student course management fees cover the cost of marking and filing student exams, consultations, email advice and responses to student questions, final student dissertation, final student interview, all student administration and exclusive access to the CHI Members Area. CHI Student Membership is equivalent to college or university student fees. All colleges and universities require students to pay a separate student fee in addition to course tuition.

Important Student Information: Please Read

CSNA Education Programs have no time limit for completion provided the student remains an active CHI Student Member. This official CHI school policy provides students with enormous freedom to complete the course at their own time and discretion, however, if student membership fees are not maintained on a monthly or annual basis after or during enrollment of any course until completion, the student cannot complete the course or graduate. Students cannot put their membership on hold after they have registered online.

If your monthly or annual student management fee fails to register on a recurring basis for whatever reason you will be notified by email. Students are responsible for updating their membership payment method, including credit card numbers or expiration dates if or when they expire or are in need of replacement. Please contact CHI by email or telephone if you need assistance. If your payment method fails to register as required and you do not respond to our attempt to contact you by email or telephone, your entire course tuition fees will be forfeited after 30 days.

Students may cancel their student membership any time prior to the next scheduled billing sequence by email notification or by calling the Institute directly by telephone. CHI Student Membership cannot be cancelled after the auto recurring billing sequence has been processed. Once you have been billed for a monthly or annual student membership fee by the auto recurring electronic system, the charge is irreversible. No refund will be given. Please keep track of your billing date and routinely check your monthly credit card statement, bank statement or PayPal account to ensure that the billing process is correct. Notify us in advance of your next billing date if you wish to cancel your membership.

CSNA Graduation

CHI Membership is not mandatory after all the scholastic requirements of the CSNA Education Program have been completed, however, many students maintain their active membership status to help support CHI and/or to complete the CSNA Masters Program. CHI Membership is not cancelled automatically upon CSNA Student graduation. Please send us an email or call us directly in advance of your next billing date if you wish to cancel your membership.

As a CHI Student Member You Will Receive the Following By Email:

  • A personal Student Number, Username & Password for exclusive CHI Member Login*
  • A copy of our monthly CHI-eNewsletter designed as a student education supplement

*CSNA Student course exams are completed online in the CHI Member's area.

Update Your Account - Pre-Registered Annual or Monthly Student Members Only

Click the link below to gain access to your personal account only after you have registered at the top of this page as an annual or monthly member. Click this link if you need to update or change your payment method or update your credit card number or expiration date. Your account is created AFTER you register as an annual or monthly student member. The link below is only for members who are already registered.

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