SNU Special Guest Interview Excerpts

Special Guest Audio Excerpts An excerpt is a short extract taken from a film, broadcast, or piece of music or writing. The audio extracts below are categorized by topic and are taken from previously recorded interviews with SNU Special Expert Guests. Simply click the name of any guest highlighted in blue and listen instantly, and/or download the audio file and upload to your MP3 player or iPad! Excerpts are ideal for brain emoducation

Importance of Education

Dr. Michael Colgan | Shelly Lynn Hughes | Dr. Daniel Crisafi | Dr. Michael Horowitz | Dr. Gina Nick | Dr. Fred Haynes | Stewart Brown | Daniel Hawe | Katie Derusha | Chad Benson | Dustin Dillberg | Seigfried Gursche | Ryan Sleigh | RoseMarie Pierce


Sherry Ann Boudreau | Rob Holly | Ken Taylor | Sam Graci | Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper | Dr. Elson Haas | Ann Boroch | Darin MacDonald | Dr. Seema Kanwal | Dr. Hans Kugler | Dr. Ken Nedd | Nick Ugoalah

Human Behavior & Purpose

Nick Christofides | Kevin Paluch | Garrett B. Gunderson | Jacque Fresco | Dr. Cory Holly | Gillian Thomas | Remy Moelchand | Barrie Carlsen | Frank Alvarez | Dr. Elizabeth Plourde | Dr. Gifford-Jones | Ian King | Dr. Gordon Pedersen | Adam O'Meara

Athletic Performance

Dr. John Winterdyk | Lui Passaglia | Dr. Terry Willard | Brenda Brazier | Lance Walker | Jason Scott | Dr. Jeff Spencer | Tommy Europe | Carmyn James | George Du Rand

Supply Your Biological Demand

Udo Erasmus PhD | Dr. Fred Crawford | Maurice Brisebois | Debbie Perry | Dr. Peter Glidden | Dai Manuel

Workout Strategies

Brad King | Nick Ugoalah | Mari-Ann Drevvatne | Karen McCoy | Nancy Lockington | Matt Kendrick


Jeff Anderson | George Boedecker | Anthony Almada | Charles Chang | Dr. Carolyn Dean

Personal Training

Andre Noel Potvin | Alexander Suaste | Bruce Krahn | Caroline Mundell | Katie Handyside

Aging & Life Extension

Dr. Michael Colgan [1] | Dr. Michael Colgan [2] | Dr. Michael Colgan [3] | Brad King | Dr. Aubrey de Grey


Dr. Stephanie Seneff


Lee Labrada | Maria Mikola | Laura Creavalle | Wade T. Lightheart | Mathew Park

Sports Injuries

Jason Watkin | Dr. Craig Buhler | Steve Butler | Russ Brown | Spencer Coppin

Steroids in Sport

Professor Franco Cavaleri | Ivan Strikwerda | Dr. Elvis Ali | Bruny Surin


Leslie Colgan | Jacque Miller | Gabriel Lightfriend | Ty Bollinger

Distance Health Education

Susie Hale | Gene Bruno | Paul Chek | Soren Korsgaard

Functional Medicine

Dr. David Matthews | Dr. Zoltan Rona | Dr. James Coppin

Retail Health Food Stores

Bruce Cole | Lloyd Baker/Diana Bralic | Dean Parkes

Effects of Prescription Drugs

Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy

Whey Protein

Jim McMahon | Jay Robb


Felix Chavez

Masters Athletes

Brian Kline


Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Energy Healing

Nelson Narciso

Negative Effects of SAD Diet

Dr. David Getoff

Vegan Diets

Dr. Ron Schmid

Ideal Diets for Pets

Dr. Karen Becker

Hair Analysis

Dr. Joseph Campbell

Healing, Fitness & Wellness Retreats

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky | Dr. Michael Colgan

Providing Advice

Derek Daniels

The Discovery of Creatine

Ed Byrd

NHP Regulations

Donna Herringer | Dr. David Rowland

Influence of Conventional Medicine on Health

Dr. Julian Whitaker | Dr. Joel Wallach

Supplements Vs. Banned Substances

Kathleen Jordan RD

Successful Weight Loss

Dr. Tiffany Wright

Weight Training & Kids

Ocean Bloom

Blue Zones

Dr. Jonny Bowden

Sports Nutrition For Kids

Norm Danniels | Mary Tocco

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Adriana Restagno

Sports Bars

Stephen Adele

Posture & Core

Dr. Michael Colgan [1] | Dr. Michael Colgan [2]


Dr. Tutti Gould

Hemp Food Products

Alex Chwaiewsky

Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

Dr. Jay Wortman

Food Addiction

Sherry Torkos | Dr. Michael Colgan

Nature Vs. Nurture

Dr. Michael Colgan | Nancy Welker

Benefits of Garlic

Charlie Fox

Sliding Filament Theory of Muscle

Dr. Darryn Willoughby

Eating Disorders

Giselle Haftel

Natural Health Consulting

Dr. Kay K. Larson

CSNA Education Program Origin

Lauren Plaviak

What is Chi?

Charles Poliquin | Danny Dreyer | Lew Lim

Growth Hormone

Phil Campbell

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Karlene Karst

Sex Drive For Women

Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Physical Therapy for Pain

Brian Bradley | Tony Dolezel

Dietary Recommendations

Dr. Ron Reichert

Dangers of Soy

Sally Fallon

Nutrition for Runners

Guy Perry | Dr. Loren Cordain

Wellness Defined

Marguerite Ogle

Scientific Dogma

Christopher James Clark

Aerobic Vs. Anaerobic Exercise

Dr. Mark Smith

Thyroid Health

Drs. Richard & Karilee Shames

Sports Nutrition

Dr. Jose Antonio

Hypnosis for Sport

Sylvia Rayner

Website Business Advice

Michael Chenier

Sports Nutrition/Health Magazines

Trent Nellis

Self-Growth & Mentorship

Rock Thomas

Developing A Certification Program

George Tausan