Special Guest Interview

Special Guest Highlights 2018

V17N12 - Guest Highlights
Our 2018 annual collection of special guest excerpts.

Peter Twist: Strength and Conditioning Coach

V17N11c - Guest
Peter Twist is one of the most successful trainers and performance coaches of ALL TIME. His business, Twist Sport Conditioning, is a world class training and performance facility in Vancouver, Canada, with licensed facilities and franchises in the US and Canada.

John Huddart: Extreme Sports Performance Coach

V17N10c - Guest
John Huddart is an electrical project manager specializing in high voltage substations on large industrial projects. After completing his electrical apprenticeship he continued to work on many construction projects spanning over four decades.

Alvin & Jada Tam: Self-Mastered Athleticism & Off-Grid Living

V17N9c - Guest
Alvin Tam discovered the National Circus School in Montreal and ended up crossing the globe several times as an acrobatic performer, coach and actor working with many circus and theatrical companies, including the renowned Cirque du Soleil.

Susan Czyzo: Sport-related Concussions

V17N8c - Guest
Susan Czyzo is an orthopaedic physiotherapist based in Toronto. She completed her studies at the University of Toronto, starting with an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Health, and ending with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy.

Master Aaron Turnbull: Mantis MMA

V17N7c - Guest
Master Aaron Turnbull is the founder and owner of Mantis MMA a mixed martial arts academy located in Queensland Australia. Mantis MMA is a family martial arts academy that teaches a martial art by the same name that incorporates techniques from Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu and a sports combat system called Defenda Tag.

Sensei Ryan Christopher: Jiu-Jitsu

V17N6c - Guest
Sensei Ryan Christopher owns two Martial Arts schools in the lower mainland including Coquitlam Martial Arts and Burnaby Vancouver Jiu-Jitsu. Ryan started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2006, received his Black Belt in 2016 and is currently preparing for the World Masters in Vegas which will be his first competition as a Black Belt.

Sifu Lamar Davis: Hardcore Jeet Kune Do

V17N5c - Guest
Sifu Lamar M. Davis II is the Head Instructor at Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Academy in Oneonta, Alabama, where he teaches group classes, monthly seminars and training camps. Lamar started training in martial arts at the age of ten. 50 years later he is now recognised as the founder of Hardcore Jeet June Do, which is his total approach to teaching Bruce Lee’s methods.

Dr. Joan Vernikos: Gravity, Movement & Health

V17N4c - Guest
Dr. Joan Vernikos, former Director of NASA’s Life Sciences, is an author, health coach, consultant and sought-after motivational speaker on the tangible health and economic benefits to individuals and organizations to resetting your health for life, living healthy and healthy aging.

Michael Holly: Secrets of the Champions

V17N3c - Guest
Michael Holly has been working the stages of Las Vegas since 1987 and around the world as a juggler and comedian. He was born and raised in Orange County California and earned a degree in Psychology and Theater at U.C. Irvine.


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