Sifu Lamar Davis: Hardcore Jeet Kune Do

V17N5c - Guest
Sifu Lamar M. Davis II is the Head Instructor at Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Academy in Oneonta, Alabama, where he teaches group classes, monthly seminars and training camps. Lamar started training in martial arts at the age of ten. 50 years later he is now recognised as the founder of Hardcore Jeet June Do, which is his total approach to teaching Bruce Lee’s methods.

In 1991 Lamar was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Jeet Kune Do Instructor of the Year. In 1989, he wrote his first article for a martial arts magazine and in 2000 he published his first book called Jeet Kune Do Scientific Streetfighting.

In 2004, Lamar was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame with the Jeet Kune Do Sifu of The Year Award. Lamar has produced several training videos on Jeet June Do and publishes his own Jeet June Do magazine. He also has a custom line of training equipment called DragonBlast.

Today Sifu Lamar Davis is the most highly ranked Instructor of Bruce Lee’s fighting methods in the entire world! He is a firm believer in proper nutrition and supplementation and even developed his own nutrition program for students and practitioners called Become A Better You.