Michael Holly: Secrets of the Champions

V17N3c - Guest
Michael Holly has been working the stages of Las Vegas since 1987 and around the world as a juggler and comedian. He was born and raised in Orange County California and earned a degree in Psychology and Theater at U.C. Irvine.

In high school and at UC Irvine he was a pole vaulter and now coaches high school pole vaulters at a local Las Vegas high school. One of his pet projects is his Secrets of the Champions website, which records the daily practices of great athletes to show young people that champions are not "born with it" but become great through intelligent and disciplined practice.

Michael volunteers for the Boy Scouts and does regular shows for charitable causes throughout Las Vegas. A lifelong teacher, he studies the process of learning to help his athletes and is always looking for new insights into how to motivate and focus his athletes and other students.