Dr. Fred Crawford: Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant Testing

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Dr. Crawford is Vice President of Operations at SpectraCell Laboratories located in Houston, Texas. Dr. Crawford directed the development and startup biotechnology at SpectraCell, which provides exclusive immunological testing services to physicians nationwide.

His responsibilities include recruitment, laboratory and systems design, operations, research, human resources, technology transfer and client services.

Dr. Crawford earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Drexel University, Philadelphia in 1966 and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1972. He is an accomplished speaker and writer, and has published several papers on various topics including diabetes, cellular aging, antioxidants and homocysteine. In addition to his many professional accomplishments, Dr. Crawford also developed tests for measuring Intracellular Glutathione and Intracellular Functional Antioxidants.