Volume 2

Dietary Supplements: The Intelligent Choice

V2N12a - Topics
No One Gets Everything They Need From Food Alone
Most People Find the Discipline Associated With Eating Well An Incredible Challenge
For Most Athletes Committed to Sport & Exercise, Diet Is By Far Their Weakest Link
Dietary Supplements make a Good Diet Stronger and Better

The New Science of Chronobiology

V2N11a - Topics
Chronobiology is the Study of Rhythmic Patterns in Biological Phenomena
Timing is Everything with Respect to Chronobiology
Chronotypes include the Early Bird, Night Owl and Neutral Type
Competition Schedules Seldom Coincide with Individual Peak Time

The Enigma of the Ectomorph

V2N10a - Topics
Somatotyping is a System of Classifying Human Physical Types & Body Shape
The Ectomorph is Slim, Linear & Small-Boned With Long Arms and a Thin Neck
Ectomorphs Can Often Work Right Through the Day Without Eating
Avoid Prolonged, Emotional Stress, Practice Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

Preventing Sports Injuries

V2N9a - Topics
More Than 20% of All Reported Accidents are Sports Related
Cumulative Micro-Trauma Weakens Collagen Cross-Linking
Fear of Injury is Sometimes Used as an Excuse Not to Exercise
Cross-Training and Unilateral Training Helps Reduce Risk of Injury

Body Composition Management

V2N8a - Topics
As a Society We Are Getting Fatter & Fatter With Each Passing Year
Obesity is a Disease of Mind & Body and it is Preventable
The Majority of People in North America Have a Slow Metabolic Rate
Failure to Differentiate Between Weight & Mass is a Significant Cause of Frustration & Defeat

Skeletal System: Part II

V2N7a - Topics
Medical Experts all Over the World Endorse Strength Training for Children
Resistance Exercise is Far More Important Than Endurance Exercise for Reducing Bone Loss
Skeletal Tissue Adapts to Meet the Strain of Mechanical Load & Weight-Bearing Exercise
Exercise & Physical Activity Increases the Need for Mineral Rich Food

Skeletal System: Part I

V2N6a - Topics
The Human Skeleton is Comprised of 206 Bones
Bone is a Form of Connective Tissue, Consisting of Four Types of Cells
Resorption Means the Loss of Substance by Destruction
Skeletal Tissue Serves the Body as a Major Calcium Storage Facility

The Essential Keys To Training Success: Part III

V2N5a - Topics
The Third Key to Training Success is Consistency
The Fourth Key to Training Success is Sleep
The Fifth Key to Training Success is Attitude
Think Long Term and be Committed For Life

The Essential Keys To Training Success: Part II

V2N4a - Topics
The Second Key is Intensity
Intensity Refers to How Hard You Work Out or the Difficulty of Training
Without Hard Training, No Real Growth Will Be Realized
Muscle Doesn’t Grow Unless It Has To

The Essential Keys To Training Success: Part I

V2N3a - Topics
The First Key is Nutrition
Training Intensity & Frequency are Two Determinants that Determine Calorie Needs & Nutrient Requirements
Take Vitamins & Minerals in their Proper Balance
Consume a Whole, Natural, Fresh Diet Rich in Micronutrients


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