Dr. Fred Haynes - Alternative Health Industry Trends. Martial Artist Extraordinaire

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Fred Haynes brings 35+ years of experience in science, physical education, sports & fitness, martial arts and publishing. He is the Founder and President of Contact Canada, a family-owned company specializing in information tools on the Life Science Industries in Canada.

Fed has published 29 academic papers and abstracts on the endocrine regulation of fat and carbohydrate metabolism in exercising males and females and in diabetes. He was the recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship from the UK for Doctoral Studies in Canada and has 12 years of teaching experience at University, College and High School levels in Human Physiology, Biology, Physical Education & Sports. Since 1987 Fred has consulted on the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries in Japan, Europe, the USA and Canada.

In the world of sports Fred is an accomplished athlete with experience in a variety of team and individual sports. In the martial arts, he commenced Aikido in the UK with further study in Canada and US before moving to Japan in 1986 as a direct full-time student of Gozo Shioda Sensei, founder of the Yoshinkan style. In 1989 he received top award for Yoshinkan Aikido demonstration in Japan, the first by a non-Japanese. Now a professional 6th Degree Instructor, Fred is a regular guest instructor at Aikido seminars across the USA and Canada. Fred has a life long commitment to the pursuit of health and well-being through physical activity, good nutrition and ethical behavior.

CSNA Advisory Board Member