Volume 3

Plyometrics, Balance Board, Swiss Ball & Yoga

V3N12a - Topics
Plyometrics Means “Measurable Increases”
Balance is an Essential Component of all Sport & Any Human Activity
Stability Balls are used Primarily for Improving Core Strength & Stability
Yoga is Described as a Psycho-Physical Discipline

Human Motivation II: Just Do It!

V3N11a - Topics
For over 100 Years Western Society Has Lived On a Diet of Highly Refined, Processed Food
Lack Of Motivation To Do What’s Right, is a Modern Form Of Mental Illness
Motivation is a Critical Factor for Creating Optimum Health
The Human Mind May Be Likened to the Last Unexplored Continent

Human Motivation: Desire or Necessity?

V3N10a - Topics
The Prime Directive of the Health Industry is Driven by Accountability
Without Discipline the Mind & Body Become Soft
Knowledge Is Power, But Only When Applied
If You Think in Positive Terms, You Will Get Positive Results

A New Paradigm of Sports Nutrition

V3N9a - Topics
A Paradigm Serves as a Pattern or Model
Become “One” with Your Blender
Low-Fat Diets Can Threaten Our Intake of EFAs & Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Insufficient Micronutrient Intake is a Common Cause of Fatigue, Disordered Eating & Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries: Part Two

V3N8a - Topics
Inflammation Consists of a Dynamic Multidimensional Complex of Cytological & Chemical Reactions
Inflammation is a Protective, Nonspecific & Inherently Necessary Biological Defense Mechanism
Pain is a Function of Degree & Individual Tolerance
Pain is a Protective Symptom That Warns Us Against Continued Action

Sports Injuries: Part One

V3N7a - Topics
Sport-Related Tissue Damage & Healing Rate Depends on the Athlete's Health & Physical Condition
The Difference Between a Strain and a Sprain is One of Intensity & Location
The Most Common Cause of Cramping is Simple Dehydration
DOMS is caused by Superoxide Free Radicals, Hydroperoxides, Hydroxyl Radicals & Excess Ammonia

Tanita Body Composition

V3N6a - Topics
BMI and Height/Weight Tables Provide Misleading Insight
Body Composition Assessment Protects Against Degeneration & Sarcopenia
The Tanita Brand 300A is a Great Attraction at Trade Shows & Health Seminars
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a Safe, Convenient & Reliable Field Method Technique

Blend Your Way to Health

V3N5a - Topics
The New Paradigm of Sports Nutrition Focuses on Health & Function
Controlled Exercise & Physical Activity are Both Necessary for Survival
Dietary Supplements (NHPs) are Not an Option
The Protein Shake Is One of the Best Ways to Control & Alter the Fuel For Your Metabolic Fire

Sports Nutrition: Three Steps to Sales Success

V3N4a - Topics
Greet the Customer and Find Out What They Want
Tell the Customer What They Need
Sell the Merchandise and Collect the Revenue
Practice the Four F’s of Good Communication. Be Friendly, be Fair, be Frank and be Firm

Sports Nutrition: Sales & Service

V3N3a - Topics
To be Successful in the World Of Sales, We Must First Learn to Sell Ourselves
Selling is the World’s Highest Paid Profession
Selling Allows For Freedom of Expression
Selling Lets You Become as Successful as You’d Like to Be


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