Phil Campbell - Ready Set Go Fitness and Growth Hormone

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Phil Campbell is the author of Ready Set Go Fitness, an extremely comprehensive fitness training manual targeted at five major areas of fitness; flexibility, endurance, strength, power, and anaerobic conditioning.

Phil is a competitive master's athlete, and holds several USA Track and Field Masters titles including first place in the 100-meter sprint at the Southeastern U.S. Championships for his age group in 2000. In 2003, he won the 200-meters and discus, placed second in the 100-meters, and set the meet record in the javelin during the USA Masters Track & Field Tennessee Championships.

After earning two masters degrees and a 20-year career as a healthcare administrator that included serving as a Division President with eight hospitals under his command, Phil returned to writing about fitness, improving athletic performance, anti-aging, and anti Middle-aging.

In Ready Set Go Fitness Phil takes the latest research in the biomedical disciplines of exercise science, medicine, nutrition, endocrinology and fitness for specific age groups, and presents a research supported system designed to improve the reader's health. Using his years of experience wisely, Phil is able to take complex medical subjects and make them understandable and practical. His book teaches how to improve fitness step-by-step, how to increase energy, and how to lose, cut, and tone.