Darrell Greenwood & Katie Derusha: Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultants

V6N9c - Guest Darrell Greenwood and Katie Derusha are true teachers by example striving to create new boundaries with result producing exercise protocol and overall fitness lifestyle development.

Darrell is a CSNA Master with a life revolving around health, fitness and whole food organic nutrition. Katie is in the process of completing the CSNA education program. Each has a training style that brings precise insight to individual clients.

Darrell possesses over ten years of experience as a lifestyle coach, consultant and personal trainer. He is striving to become the industries top fitness motivator. Darrell excels at a multitude of training styles including strength, speed, functional bodybuilding, body composition management, athletic training specifics and detailed lifestyle development programs. Darrell's motto is "The will to change is the first step to an amazing journey!"

Katie Derusha is also a true teacher by example, a natural born leader and a talented whole food organic chef. Katie uses an abundance of energy and unlimited supplies of creativity to produce an amazing training experience for clients of all ability levels. Katie's passions for health, fitness and whole food organic nutrition make her a very effective lifestyle coach.

Katie's natural ambition, persistence and overall dedication in the field of health and fitness have allowed her to reinvent her own lifestyle and merge as one of the industries top lifestyle coaches. Katie's resourcefulness with whole food, fresh organic ingredients has allowed her to design a multitude of recipes, health food bars, shakes and all natural salad dressings designed to improve health and overall wellness.

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