George Boedecker: Age is a State of Mind & Body

V8N2c - Guest
George Boedecker has been strength training for 58 years, starting in college at age 17. George was a competitive Olympic and power lifter and built his body from 135 to over 250 pounds. George was strong and big, but not fit, so in his twenties, he decided to train for health, fitness and strength.

Now at age 75, George is 6' tall, 178 pounds and wears the same size pants as he did in the Army in 1957.

George specializes in training average people over 50 in strength, fitness and weight loss. He likes to keep both strength and fitness training as well as diet very simple. His goal is to help people change their lifestyle by eliminating junk food and exercising for brief periods. George also encourages his clients to walk as much possible.

George likes to create short functional workouts so average and busy people can have fun and stay motivated. His goal is for his clients to enjoy training and feel energized afterwards so that they look forward to exercise. George has trained many clients that have lost 20-50 pounds by following his advice and simple programs, most of whom have kept the weight off.

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