Number 11

Almond Flour Crust | Be Kind to Unkind People?

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What’s Cookin? Almond Flour Crust
Hot Topic: Be Kind to Unkind People?

PSN No. 46 – Raw Materials

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Quality Control And Manufacturing Quality Methods Are Crucial To Understand
You Have To Assume That Suppliers Are Buying High Quality Raw Materials
The Raw Material Industry Is Very Competitive and Not Shielded By Any Moral Standards
Testing Products For Contaminants And Active Components Is Time Consuming And Expensive

Peter Twist: Strength and Conditioning Coach

V17N11c - Guest
Peter Twist is one of the most successful trainers and performance coaches of ALL TIME. His business, Twist Sport Conditioning, is a world class training and performance facility in Vancouver, Canada, with licensed facilities and franchises in the US and Canada.


V16N11a - Topics
Periodization Is A Training System That Changes Workouts At Regular Intervals Of Time
Periodization Prevents Stagnation And Greatly Reduces Those Frustrating Training Plateaus
Periodization Principles Are Adjusted In Relation To The Timing Of Important Sporting Events
Periodization Phases Include the Macrocycle, Mezocycle and Microcycle

Kale Caesar Salad | Homeless Issue

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What’s Cookin? Kale Caesar Salad
Hot Topic: Homeless Issue

Sylvain Cyr: Elite Personal Trainer

V16N11a - Guest (Part 1)
Sylvain is an elite personal trainer, genetic exercise analyst, course conductor and exam preparation tutor. His list of personal training credentials is extensive.

Curried Cabbage & Netherlands & Skye Trip

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What’s Cookin? Curried Cabbage
Hot Topic: Netherlands & Skye Trip

Life is a Sport

V15N11a - Topics
The Objective of Sport Is To Play According To The Rules
The Objective of Sport Is To Score As Many Points As Possible
Sport As An Ideal Provides No Better Method To Gain Victory Over Self
Sport Was Created As A Means Of Getting Physical And As An Object Of Philosophical Idealism

Dr. Diane Blackburn: Iridology & Live Blood Analysis

V15N11c - Guest
Dr. Diane Blackburn PhD, DNM, DHS, CLBA, IIPA instructor, has been involved in the field of Integrative medicine for 30 years. She participated in extensive international relief work in Thailand, China and Japan where she acquired valuable insights into the universal nature of the human soul.

Homemade Soup Stock & Trip to UK and Sicily

V14N11b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Homemade Soup Stock
Hot Topic: CHI Trip to UK and Sicily


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