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Human Motivation II: Just Do It!

V3N11a - Topics
For over 100 Years Western Society Has Lived On a Diet of Highly Refined, Processed Food
Lack Of Motivation To Do What’s Right, is a Modern Form Of Mental Illness
Motivation is a Critical Factor for Creating Optimum Health
The Human Mind May Be Likened to the Last Unexplored Continent

The New Science of Chronobiology

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Chronobiology is the Study of Rhythmic Patterns in Biological Phenomena
Timing is Everything with Respect to Chronobiology
Chronotypes include the Early Bird, Night Owl and Neutral Type
Competition Schedules Seldom Coincide with Individual Peak Time

Muscle: Anatomy, Composition and Function

V1N11a - Topics
We Aspire To It, Dream Of It & Fantasize About It
Muscle is Predominantly Water
A Muscle Fiber is Actually a Single Muscle Cell
The Technical Term For a Single Muscle Cell is Myocyte

What Body Type Are You?

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What’s Cookin? Athlete’s Cookbook / Back to Basics
Hot Topic: What Body Type Are You?

Social Skills: Do You Have Any?

V3N11b - Topics
What’s Cookin? The Athlete’s Cookbook / Back to Basics
Hot Topic: Social Skills. Do You Have Any?

Dining Out: Choosing Healthy Foods

V2N11b - Topics
What’s Cookin? A Dozen Ways to Make an Egg
Hot Topic: Be Mindful of What You Put in Your Mouth

CHFA Expo East 2002 Health & Fitness Symposium Review

V1N11b - Topics
What's Cookin? CHFA Expo East 2002
Hot Topic: CHI Conference & Speaker Topic Highlights

Alexander Suaste: Martial Arts & Nutrition

V4N11c - Guest Alexander has dedicated his life to fitness and a career in physical education. With 22 years of experience in martial arts, coaching and personal training, Alexander has worked with many high level professionals.

Lloyd Baker/Diana Bralic: The Art of Retail

V3N11c - Guest
Lloyd Baker & Diana Bralic are co-owners and operators of Well Beings Health & Nutrition Ltd. in Langley BC., a very successful natural health retail store.

Sherry Ann Boudreau - Performance Training for Fitness Competitors

V2N11c - Guest
Sherry is a Canadian professional natural fitness and figure athlete and works as a fitness model and aerobics instructor. Sherry is a former Ms. Exercise World, a lifetime natural IFBB Pro Fitness athlete and Elite Trainer, and has a strong background in water sports, aerobics, soccer, rugby and gymnastics.


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