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The Story of Shake & Take

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Dr. Johanna Budwig Discovers the Healing Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil & Sulfurated Proteins
Perhaps The Greatest Benefit Of All Relates to Treating & Preventing Inflammation
Whey Protein Isolate Should be Blended with Generous Amounts of Omega-3 Rich Oils
"Shake" it Up then "Drink" it Up! Take Your Supplements with Your Shake

Arizona Omelet

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What’s Cookin? Open Face Omelet
Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Arizona

George Boedecker: Age is a State of Mind & Body

V8N2c - Guest
George Boedecker has been strength training for 58 years, starting in college at age 17. George was a competitive Olympic and power lifter and built his body from 135 to over 250 pounds. George was strong and big, but not fit, so in his twenties, he decided to train for health, fitness and strength.

The Myth of Muscle Memory

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Muscle Fibers Do Not "Remember" Anything
Ability Acquired Once Stored In Our Neurons Is Never Lost
Muscle Memory Is Simply The Retrieval Of Information Previously Learned
Muscle Memory Facilitates Present Time Application With Greater Efficiency

What's Up with the Night Club Scene?

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What’s Cookin? Waldorf Salad
Hot Topic: What’s Up With The Night Club Scene

Bruny Surin: Olympic Gold Medalist

V6N11c - Guest

As a member of Canada's Olympic team, Bruny Surin was a gold medalist in the 4x100 m relay at the 1996 Summer Olympics. In the 60m event, Bruny Ranked First in the World 3 Times and was a Two time World Champion. In the 100meters, Bruny Ranked in the World's top ten 5 times. His Personal Best of 9.84 ranks 2nd in the World All-Time and is the fastest time ever recorded by a 32yr old.

Quality Control

V5N11a - Topics
Quality Literally Means An Essential Characteristic, Property Or Attribute
Quality & Balance Are Emphasized Throughout The CSNA Education Program
Individual Company Policies & Operating Standards Are Frequently Self-Imposed
Achieving Excellence In Quality Control Must Be A Top Priority

Training Outdoors

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What’s Cookin? Healthy Munchie and Nibbly Treats
Hot Topic: Training Outdoors

Kathleen Jordan RD: NSF International. Developing Sports Nutrition Product Standards

V5N11c - Guest
Ms. Jordan received her bachelor's of science degree in food science & nutrition and a master's degree of science from the University of Massachusetts and Eastern Michigan respectively. Presently she serves as the director of business development of the dietary supplements and functional foods programs at NSF International.

Body Typing for Athletes

V4N11a - Topics
Dr. Roger Williams Introduced the Modern World to the Concept of Biochemical Individuality
Individuals Differ in Genetic Makeup, Metabolic Efficiency & Nutritional Requirements
There Are Four Blood Types, Type O, A, B & AB
Many Foods Contain Lectins Incompatible With Specific Blood Type Antigens


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