Number 11

Barrie Carlsen: Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Pioneer

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Barrie Carlsen is Chairman of Vitex Nutrition, a first class manufacturer of premium dietary supplements in Canada. In 1976 Barrie founded Quest Vitamins, a Vancouver based vitamin supplement company that eventually become one of the most technically advanced vitamin manufacturing companies in the world.

PSN No. 69: Motivation

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Motive Is An Emotion Or An Impulse That Acts As Incitement To Action
Be Careful What You Think About! Thoughts Are Things
We All Must Try To Have Some Degree Of Order In Our Life
There Is A Time For Everything Under The Sun

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Sick?

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What’s Cookin? Healthy Tacos
Hot Topic: Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Sick?

Jason Watkin: Purica: It's all in the Name

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Jason Watkin, CEO of Purica and formulator of RECOVERY and Immune 7, is an enthusiastic speaker skilled at simplifying and invigorating seemingly confusing information. Jason presents powerful holistic strategies to improve overall wellness and to treat existing conditions utilizing principles of psychology, philosophy, comparative religion, nutrition and both natural and allopathic medicine.

PSN No. 2: The Art

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Sports Nutrition Is An Art: This Relates To How You Apply The Science
The Art Relates To When and If You Take Your Vitamins On Time
The Art Of Sports Nutrition Relates To The Skill Of Eating
The Art Of Sports Nutrition Relates To What, When & How We Eat

Taking Account of Being Accountable

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What’s Cookin? Homemade Cranberry Sauce
Hot Topic: Accountability

Charles Chang: Supply Side Done Right!

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Sequel Naturals Ltd. is a young, rapidly growing and progressive manufacturer of premium natural health food products. Founded in 2001 by Charles Chang from his basement and on a shoestring budget, Sequel products are now found in over 5,000 health food retailers throughout North America, including Whole Foods, GNC, Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.


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eTraining Is A Highly Integrated and Truly Holistic Health Program
eTraining is All About Accountability, Consistent Training & Making Progress
eTraining Emphasizes Whole Food Nutrition and the Control of Human Emotion
Emotion and Nutrition Are Absolutely Interrelated & Linked To One Other

Papaya Seed Dressing

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What’s Cookin? Papaya Seed Dressing
Hot Topic: Life On The Road in Oahu Hawaii

Dr. Kay K. Larson: Professional Insight on Building Your Business

V8N11c - Guest
Kay K. Larson, M.S., Ph.D. has been in the health and wellness field since 1987. Along with running a practice consulting with clients on the principles of anti-aging and holistic health, she is also President of Best Health Practices.Biz, a company that prepares and teaches natural health students and new consultants how to become successful practitioners.


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