Dr. Diane Blackburn: Iridology & Live Blood Analysis

V15N11c - Guest
Dr. Diane Blackburn PhD, DNM, DHS, CLBA, IIPA instructor, has been involved in the field of Integrative medicine for 30 years. She participated in extensive international relief work in Thailand, China and Japan where she acquired valuable insights into the universal nature of the human soul.

Diane is a practitioner, researcher and teacher in the fields of Iridology and Live Blood Analysis. She has published a PhD thesis on Iridology and Quantum Hematology, demonstrating that a Quantum Leap of Creativity can be recorded during a Live Blood Analysis session.

Diane is the co- founder of Qwest 4 Health in Vancouver, BC, an innovative clinic where she practices Iridology, Live Blood Analysis and Biofeedback.The clinic advocates a pro-consciousness diet and lifestyle. She teaches her unique vision of Iridology (The Tao of the Eye) and advanced LBA (Blood Energetics) to all those interested in delving deeper into the energetics that influence and shape our bio-energetic body.


Dr. Diane Blackburn Video Presentation: The Quantum Blood