Volume 7

Lube Up and Protect with Sport Oil

V7N12a - Topics
Essential Fatty Acids are Enormously Important to Understand
Emphasize More Dietary Omega-3 than Omega-6 (EFA Ratio 1:1)
Add 1-2 T. of Hemp, Flax or Chia Seed Oil to each Protein Shake
Avoid Fried Foods, "White Oils", Hydrogenated Fats and Trans-Fats

The Story of Shake & Take

V7N11a - Topics
Dr. Johanna Budwig Discovers the Healing Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil & Sulfurated Proteins
Perhaps The Greatest Benefit Of All Relates to Treating & Preventing Inflammation
Whey Protein Isolate Should be Blended with Generous Amounts of Omega-3 Rich Oils
"Shake" it Up then "Drink" it Up! Take Your Supplements with Your Shake

High-Intensity Interval Training & Nutrition

V7N10a - Topics
Failure to Maintain Cardiovascular Health Increases Risk of Heart & Lung Damage
Emphasis On Cardio Brings Balance To Your Weight Training Program
Never Train Specifically To Lose “Weight” or Bodyfat
High Intensity, Short-Interval Training Is Rated Number One

The Bench Press: Chest Personified

V7N9a - Topics
Resistance Training When Performed Correctly & Consistently is Very Safe
Keep Both Feet Flat on the Ground or Bench and Do Not Arch the Back
Grip the Bar Just Outside the Natural Width of Your Shoulders
Lower the Bar in Control and Push Upwards with Explosive Power

The Deadlift: King of Strength

V7N8a - Topics
The Deadlift Stimulates More hGH Release Than Any Exercise
The Deadlift Is One Of The Best Tests Of Overall Body Strength
The Deadlift Is An Excellent Exercise To Develop Strength, Speed & Power
The Deadlift Slims The Butt & Upper Outer Thighs & Tightens Up The Core

The Squat: King of All Exercise

V7N7a - Topics
Squat with Head Up & Eyes Forward
Position the Barbell as Far Back on Your Traps as Possible
Resist the Desire to "Lean" Forward in the Down Position
Keep the Line of Gravity as Close to Your Body Center as Possible

The Big Four: Whey Protein Isolate (Part III)

V7N6a - Topics
Whey Peptides Support The Body's Immune System
Whey Peptides Reduce Muscle Soreness and Pain
Whey Peptides Stimulate the Production Of Somatomedins (IGF-1)
Whey Peptides Are Recommended Before & After Workouts

The Big Four: Whey Protein Isolate (Part II)

V7N5a - Topics
Divide The Serving Size In Grams Into The Number Of Grams Of Protein
Bioavailability Of Whey Peptides Are Affected by the Method Of Extraction
Whey Protein Isolate Has An Alkaline pH
Hydrolysates Are Produced Using Special Food-Grade Enzymes

The Big Four: Whey Protein Isolate (Part I)

V7N4a - Topics
Whey Peptides Counter The Catabolic Effects Of Disease
Whey Is The Thin, Watery Part Of Milk
Whey Contains The Highest Quality Proteins Known
Whey Peptides Are Renowned For Their Superior Nitrogen Retention Properties

The Big Four: Creatine (Part II)

V7N3a - Topics
Creatine Is Still Largely Misunderstood
Reuptake Is 50% Greater Post-Workout
Creatine Works Synergistically With Many Other Supplements
Creatine Is Nitrogenous and Acid Forming


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