George Tausan CSNA: Building A New Certification Program

V14N5c - Guest
George Tausan has been involved in the fitness industry for the last 12 years. A constant desire and determination to improve the skills necessary to educate others and improve people’s quality of life have garnished him much success in the health and wellness community.

George co-founded Revamped Fitness in 2005 with the ideology of creating a fitness program that challenges the mind and body while inspiring change in nutritional habits for the better. The program was designed to help strength & condition Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

As the sport grew so did the reputation for George and the Revamped Fitness crew. For the past 10 years Revamped Fitness has been one of the premiere training facilities to BC’s top MMA fighters as well as professional and amateur athletes. George is a CSNA graduate and a student of Dr. Michael Colgan.