Bruny Surin: Olympic Gold Medalist

V6N11c - Guest
As a member of Canada's Olympic team, Bruny Surin was a gold medalist in the 4x100 m relay at the 1996 Summer Olympics. In the 60m event, Bruny Ranked First in the World 3 Times and was a Two time World Champion. In the 100meters, Bruny Ranked in the World's top ten 5 times. His Personal Best of 9.84 ranks 2nd in the World All-Time and is the fastest time ever recorded by a 32yr old.

Bruny has received many awards and honors, including Montreal athlete of the year, Quebec athlete of the year, the Dick Ellis Trophy and Athletics Canada Athlete of the year.

Since retiring from Track & Field, Bruny has continued to pursue excellence as an entrepreneur. One of his many projects includes the development of a high quality sports nutrition product line called Xistence. By utilizing the same formula that brought him success in sport, Bruny has become a hard working executive, always looking for new business opportunities.