Ryan Sleigh: Change, Education & Living the Good Life!

V12N1c - Guest
Ryan Sleigh is a CSNA Graduate and aspiring personal trainer from Ottawa, Ontario. Ryan owns and operates Sleigh Fitness, a personal training business that specializes in using resistance training, natural health products and dietary programs to increase quality of life, encourage optimal body composition and achieve higher levels of physical performance.

Ryan has competed in natural bodybuilding and sport all of his life and has a unique portfolio of skills and experience which make him a successful and highly sought after trainer in the Ottawa area.

Ryan has also been involved in the retail health industry for over 5 years and is a firm believer and living example of practicing a lifestyle which includes daily exercise, a diet built upon nourishing whole foods and the scientific use of natural health products.

Ryan's primary drive in life is to become better each day and help others do the same along the way.