Ruby Cranberry Sauce

Though cranberries or “mossberries” are tiny, these ruby colored jewels pack a delightful but tart nutritious punch. Cranberries contain multiple families of antibacterial antioxidants called polyphenols. In documents retrieved from the 17th century, we know that cranberries were used for an assortment of medicinal purposes.

The Original Homemade Hummus

A versatile legume, Garbanzo beans or “chickpeas” are a member of the Pea family. Originating in the Middle East, Garbanzo beans are usually pale yellow in color, however, in India there are red, black and brown variations. Garbanzo Beans are the most widely consumed legume in the world.

Summer B.B.Q Pesto Meat Patties

Finally, summer is here and the B.B.Q is at the top of the list for meal preparations. The burger pattie is a favorite for any summer gathering. The fragrance and delicate flavor of the patties will be a hit at any barbeque.

Colorful Penne Primavera

Penna Primavera is a colorful, tasty and satisfying dish that everyone will enjoy. You can add a light green salad and any meat, fish or chicken as a side dish for a full course meal. However Penne Primavera can be served as a meal by itself.

Steamed Greens

Steam cooking ensures the optimum in natural freshness and flavor because steamed foods retain their shape, texture and fewer nutrients are lost in the cooking process. It’s a popular fat-free method for cooking vegetables. Steamed Vegetables are not only healthful and delicious they also add a dimension of balance and color to the meal.

Healthy Granola Parfait

This delightful layered combination of granola, yogurt and fruit is not only scrupulous it’s also a work of art. Healthy Granola Parfait is without a doubt satisfying for breakfast, lunch or a midday snack. It’s chocked full of healthy ingredients that will sustain appetite for hours.

Cold Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho is a cold Spanish tomato based raw vegetable soup, originating in the southern region of Andalucia. Gazpacho is widely consumed throughout Spain. The word gazpacho is believed to come from the word "caspa", meaning "residue" or "fragments", an allusion to the small pieces of bread and vegetables in the original gazpacho soup.

Healthy Protein Date Shake

We’ve all heard how a protein shake a day is good for our health and vitality but have you ever thought of adding a handful of pitted dates to the mix? I had my first experience with this delicious shake when I visited a date farm near Palm Springs over 20 years ago.

“Treat” Yourself to a Cookie

Who doesn’t love to eat a really tasty cookie? A cookie is a “treat” and just because it‘s a “treat” doesn’t mean that it should be unhealthy filled with white sugar and bad fats. Instead a “treat” should consist of nutritious foods that do not compromise our health.

Carrot, Orange and Ginger Soup

Carrot Orange and Ginger soup is great as a starter or delicious as a main course with heavy dark bread. I find that any soups, chili’s and stews always tastes better the next day, so I make this soup a day ahead leave in the refrigerator, reheat and serve it.

Turkey Meatloaf with a Twist

This turkey meatloaf is a bit different from regular meatloaf recipes and certainly packs a punch of tropical flavors. The twist in this meatloaf recipe is using fragrant brown jasmine rice instead of the traditional rolled oats and coconut milk which adds moisture to the lean turkey meat.

Turkey Meatballs

You can enjoy turkey meatballs as an appetizer, a potluck dish or great as a topping for your favorite pasta and sauce. Turkey meatballs are ideal for freezing, kids love them and so will the adults. I buy the whole organic turkey breast and thigh at a specialty shop and have the clerk grind it fresh for me.

Turkey Black Bean Chili

Chili is a classic favorite amongst many people especially on the weekends. This recipe makes one mighty big pot filled with hearty and filling, spicy and warm chili that really hits the spot. Chili can be prepared a day in advance which I believe helps the flavor seep in.

There are a multitude of varieties of chili recipes that use various types of meats and beans. For example you can use ground or chopped buffalo or beef, ground or chopped chicken or even cashews instead of meat. Red kidney beans, garbanzo beans or black eyed beans are a welcoming change and delicious too!

The Cream Queen

I’m sure we all know that Cleopatra was renowned for being a beautiful woman with a beautiful complexion. Even if it’s just legend, her name still resembles what women all love to have — natural, flawless, beautiful skin. One thing that remains the same throughout the ages is that beauty is linked to healthy skin.

Spaghetti Squash, The New Pasta!

Squashes are plants that belong to the genus Cucurbita and family Cucurbitaceae. Squashes are also categorized as winter squash and summer squash, based on the time of harvesting. Summer squash are harvested when the rind is tender and edible, for example: zucchini, crookneck and cousa.

Bison Burgers

Bison meat is recommended for a heart healthy diet. Bison is high in protein (40+%), iron, minerals, alanine, carnosine, carnitine, creatine (double that of feedlot cattle) and B12. This creature is one of the greatest bodybuilding foods known and definitely one of Cory’s favorites! Bison rocks!

Baby Lima Bean Bake

Limas are legumes and members of the kidney bean family. They are predominantly available as two main types: large, “potato” limas and small, baby lima beans, which are half the size of the large variety. Another less common variety is the large, speckled Christmas lima. The colors of lima bean varieties range from off-white and pale green to red, purple, brown, and almost black.

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce with Tiger Prawns

This is a great marinade for chicken, shrimp, salmon, white fish, beef and tofu. Tamari is dark brown in color and usually slightly thicker than regular soy sauce. The salty fermented paste derived from soy beans, called Miso, actually served as the basis for development of tamari.

Red Fruit Crumble

The color red has long-been associated with strength, health and passion. These elements are necessary components for a well-rounded person. As passion radiates through the color of red, be sure to choose foods with a vivacious red hue as they will keep you healthy, strong and beautiful.

Red Cabbage and Carrot Slaw

Cabbage is a sturdy, strong and abundant vegetable. Highly adaptive and easy to grow, cabbage is common worldwide and prepared according to tradition by many cultures including raw, pickled, fermented, short-cooked and stewed. Members of the Brassica family of cruciferous vegetables are so named for their cross shaped (crucifer) flower petals.