The True Measure of a Man

What makes a healthy man, or, to rephrase the question, what makes a man healthy? Must he be sensitive, muscular and a good provider? How significant is his IQ or his biological age? Does a man’s health depend on his level of fitness, the size of his wallet or his cholesterol ratio? What of his understanding of people and the world, and his ability to achieve his goals?

The Rules of the Game (Part 3)

Although we have thoroughly convinced ourselves otherwise, many of the signs and morbid symptoms associated with senescence, such as obesity, type II diabetes, insulin resistance, elevated blood fats and high blood pressure, are not a function of chronological age.

The Rules of the Game (Part 2)

Exercise, however necessary and magnificent, doesn't nourish the body directly. It facilitates nourishment and greatly improves digestion, absorption and elimination, but moving the body doesn't supply the essential micronutrients that catalyze the release of energy from ATP.

Exercise in and of itself doesn't provide the body with the building blocks of structure and repair or sustain it with the elements needed to withstand the stress of training. I know this sounds obvious, but you should see how some of the greatest athletes eat! It's as if they've never heard of the concept.

The New Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is both an art and a science. The art consists of nourishing an active body with high quality food and dietary supplements in a skillful, safe and consistent manner. This pertains not only to what we eat, but also when.

If for example, your goal is to build lean mass or lose inches from your waistline, then missing meals or forgetting to take your vitamins is just as 'bad' as eating the wrong food at the right time.

The Necessity of Education

As of this writing Tracy & I are in Portland Oregon engaged full on in our CHI Highway To Health American Sports Nutrition Tour (2008). We are training everyday in a different gym and visiting countless numbers of health food stores throughout the United States. For us it's a dream come true! The RV lifestyle is a breeze and ideal for healthy, fit individuals who seek spontaneity and have a thirst for life.

The Myth of Muscle Memory

When accepted as truth by large numbers of people without investigation, a false myth can cause profound cultural change. Consider the vast numbers of people who have been seduced into drinking milk as a staple thinking one thing when the opposite is actually true. The dairy industry is well aware of the damage to health caused by consuming processed cow's milk derived from animals that are neither well or fed correctly.

The Luck of the Draw

Ever wonder how much of your life and health is controlled by genetic factors supposedly outside of your control? What do you think, is it 25, 50, maybe 75, even 100 percent? I’m sure you've been told that you’re not to blame for your condition, that you’re just a victim of circumstance, bad luck or faulty genes.

But still, I’m amazed by the number of people who automatically relegate the fate of those who die prematurely or who develop disease “out-of-the-blue” exclusively to genetics.

The Intelligent Choice

Optimum health is much more than absence of disease. By definition it must include presence of function and implies a high natural resistance against infection, disease and degeneration. True health denotes a persona of energy and enthusiasm.

It allows us to adapt to change and stress without significant damage and can be measured by our ability to perform well in all areas of life, including business, family, school, sport and fitness.

The Dope on Doping

Steroid use among athletes always creates controversy in sport and is a favorite topic for the media. I've used the topic myself on various television and radio talk show programs as a means of attracting public attention. Once attention is gained however, my objective is to provide both a useful and rational alternative.

An alternative that works and one that doesn't damage the body, that being the intelligent and correct use of whole foods and performance supplements.

The Chemistry of Insulin

Insulin is a polypeptide hormone that promotes glucose utilization, protein synthesis and the formation and storage of lipids. Produced by specialized endocrine cells of the pancreas called the islets of Langerhans, insulin was discovered in 1921 by two Canadian researchers.

Insulin was discovered by Dr. Frederick Banting and his medical assistant Dr. Charles H. Best.

The Art of Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is an art. This relates to how you apply the science. Once you know what to do and provided you are guided by reason, the art has to do with the application of what you know. Take it from me based on decades of clinical observation and personal experience.

The “doing it” is by far the most difficult part. You and I both know that every soul has the same exact challenge, that being, to overcome ourselves, to do what is best and to get the hell out of our own way.

Sports Nutrition for Kids

Dear Cory: *"My husband and I are both very active. We play competitive recreational sports, exercise with weights and run on a regular basis. For many years now, we’ve been eating organic foods and buying vitamins from the health food store. My question concerns our 3 children, ages 8, 11 & 13.

Are the performance supplements you recommend for athletes, such as creatine or whey protein isolate, safe for them to take? Our son plays hockey, and our two girls play volleyball, basketball and compete in track & field."*

Spirulina: Nature's Superfood

In case you haven’t noticed, a very large and impressive category of “green foods” has established itself within the domain of the natural foods industry. The GREEN MACHINE has permeated every sector, providing nourishment and life’s missing ingredients to athletes, young children, busy executives and convalescing seniors.

Canadians want to be healthy. So many of us are adding these concentrated, freeze-dried superfoods to our dietary menu, hoping for more energy, improved detoxification and a reliable source of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Tanita Body Composition Assessment (BIA)

Medical doctors seldom measure the aerobic capacity or muscular strength of patients during an annual checkup. They might have you stand on a medical scale to determine your 'weight', but that information by itself is practically useless. Body "weight" only reflects the influence of gravity on mass but composition of mass is by far more important to know for health and performance.

Natural Remedies for Sports Injuries

More than twenty percent of all reported accidents are sport related. In the context of this article, sport is a generic term used to describe both structured and free-style exercise, physical recreation, various games and a vast assortment of athletic activities which may or may not involve formal competition.

The Quran (Koran) actually refers to life as a sport and a pastime, but that is a different matter which I won’t go into to.

Motivation for Life

"Motivation is a function of incentive born out of necessity and desire. It is fueled by enthusiasm, driven by passion, governed by positive emotion, compelled by logic and sustained by clarity of vision." ~ Dr. Cory Holly

Life Is In The Blood

Hippocrates believed that the body fluids (blood, saliva and urine) would be affected by disease and today we can conclude that disease does and can substantially affect blood composition. The presence of a virus or bacteria can be measured and in this regard, blood screening is invaluable.

Let Go and Let Health

Sometimes we assume everyone wants to be well or wants what is clearly obvious to us, meaning better health gained through optimum nutrition and routine physical fitness. Not so. It is a gift to ourselves and others to Let Go and simply 'allow' our friends, spouses, offspring, parents and siblings to live their lives out according to how they choose to. Let them be!

Kids at Heart

As parents, Tracy and I have always encouraged our children to participate in fitness and sport. Sport keeps kids active and out of trouble. On the ice is better than off. Sport provides an important outlet of expression and teaches kids new skills that help develop their neurocognitive and motor control centers.

How to Raise Athletes... Not Couch Potatoes

Kids differ from adults in two basic ways. First, they laugh a lot more than we do. Their primary theme in life is to play and have fun. Secondly, they are far more active than Canadian adults, who seldom expend enough physical energy to relieve their mental stress or compensate for the food they love to eat. But times have changed.