Sardine & Eggs with Spinach

Sardines are a type of small oily fish. They are often sold canned and are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium and protein. Sardines are also used for bait and to prepare feed for fish farms.

the Science of Living Well: Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction (CR) is a dietary construct based intentionally on the consumption of less calories than required to sustain the premeasured metabolic needs of a living organism.

the Science of Living Well: Neuroplasticity

During the 20th century most neuroscientists thought of the brain as a static structure and impossible to alter, modify or change after early childhood. But fortunately for all of us still alive today, recent research has shown this belief to be erroneous.

the Science of Living Well: Life Extension

This series of articles is dedicated to the investigation of those practices and procedures that pertain to the compression of morbidity and extension of human life as we know it in the 21st century. Strategies and measures revealed and verified by modern science, clinicians in the field and anti-aging physicians that live and work to that end.

the Science of Living Well: Telomeres

In simple terms telomere length is a genetic factor related to our general health. In fact telomere length is now recognized as a biomarker for predicting the timeline of our individual life expectancy. Shorter telomeres equal less life. The word “telomere” is derived from the Greek nouns telos meaning 'end' and merοs meaning 'part.'

Eat As Hard As You Train

Eat as hard as you train. That’s what I tell my students. Don’t leave your diet to chance. Put as much effort into planning your meal strategy as you do your workout schedule. This advice however, is by far more difficult to apply than the workout itself, and based on observation and confession, is where the great majority of athletes fail.

BV of Common Proteins

In addition to Biological Value (BV) this chart provides an analysis of fat percentage and the number of grams of protein, fats and carbs identified in 100 gram portions of common natural foods derived from both plant and animal sources.

INFOFIT Interview: Mr.Hawaii 2013

Nicole Dobernig interviews Dr.C after competing in the INBA Natural Hawaiian Muscle Bodybuilding Championships. ND: Let's start off with some background information about yourself. Were you interested in bodybuilding as a child or were you always an athlete and you turned to bodybuilding later in your teen years?

The Simplest Anti-Aging Formula that Every Woman Should Use

First, get active. Sustaining natural muscle creates a strong immune system and assists in fat loss. The skin on your bones will become tight and toned; you’ll have a natural glow and clear sparkling eyes, all of this creates a youthful look.

Wasabi Salmon Tin Pinch

This little recipe is great “in a pinch”. It’s always a good idea to have at least one can of wild red sockeye salmon in your pantry. There are a multitude of recipes you can prepare with canned salmon; this one is on the top of our list.

Time to Compete (Part Four)

In part three of this 4-part series I presented and reviewed my standard daily diet. Keep in mind that I’m training for and competing in the Hawaiian Natural Muscle Bodybuilding Championships on June 8th, 2013, in Nanakuli which is located on the west side of Oahu. So Hang loose Brah, the best is yet to come!

AfterMath Health Drink

Have you gained unwanted body fat recently? Is energy level low? Is your skin dull and dry? Are your bowel movements irregular or painful? Are you craving sweets or alcohol? Are you suffering from sleep deprivation?

Aftermath: the effect, result or repercussion of an event; the aftershock or consequence of an event or experience.

Eat, Drink, Sleep and Move for Permanent Fat Loss

Fat is not inert, it’s alive and active! Fat consists of individual cells, each with a built in capacity to receive an almost endless amount of energy. Fats cells are called adipocytes and can multiply in number by necessity. They are designed as a warehouse to store excess energy. Fat is energy!

Sustainability: What it Really Means

We’ve all heard about sustainability in relation to the environment and the planet as a whole. But what about individual personal sustainability? Just for a moment let’s focus on “us”, as in you and me individually. Forget the environment. What’s going on at home? Is your life sustainable?

Time to Compete (Part Three)

In part two of this 4-part series I reviewed the concept of periodization as it relates to my preparation for Mr. Hawaii 2013. Periodize means to manipulate, modify or change multiple training variables over time. Things like reps, sets, exercises, angles, intensity, frequency and so on. Periodization provides a great psychological edge.

Hawaiian Paradise

In 1976 I worked in a meat plant to supplement my college tuition. During a lunch break I heard one of the butchers talking about his recent trip to Hawaii. He beamed with energy and was smiling from ear to ear. I noticed how healthy and happy he looked.

“So what’s it like there?” I inquired.

Too Much Too Little Too Late

Too much means you’re eating too much food, too much of the wrong kind of food or too much of what you crave. What we crave today is usually the worst kind of food. Do you crave organic oranges or beet tops from the garden? I think not.

The Athlete Inside

If you’re a true athlete you already know it! But what defines an athlete? What element of performance would you use? Strength? Power? Speed? What about endurance? If someone challenged you right now to prove that you’re an athlete, what would you say or do?

Time to Compete (Part Two)

In part one of this article I discussed the philosophy of why I compete as a natural, life-time drug-free bodybuilder, in this case as a Grand Master in the Hawaiian Natural Muscle Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in Honolulu June 8th, 2013.

Almond Cranberry Loaf

Almond Cranberry loaf is a tasty snack or treat that is light, healthy, gluten free and very easy to digest. The different combinations of dried fruits and nuts and seeds can make this simple loaf a very decadent dessert.

Almonds are actually alkaline forming fruit seeds that grow on trees. In the health industry but they are called the “King” of nuts due to their high content of calcium, potassium, magnesium and nucleic acids, all of which provide wonderful benefits to health.