Too Much Too Little Too Late

Too much means you’re eating too much food, too much of the wrong kind of food or too much of what you crave. What we crave today is usually the worst kind of food. Do you crave organic oranges or beet tops from the garden? I think not.

What we crave tells us about gland exhaustion, fouled insulin chemistry and our destiny. If we crave factory feedlot food we’re definitely heading in the wrong direction. What exactly do you crave anyway? Sugar? Salty food? Meat? Fat? Dairy? Bread? Our cravings tell a personal genetic story about our metabolism, blood sugar and emotional state.

Do you eat late at night when no one is looking? Do you snack throughout the day on sweets, doughnuts and candy? Maybe you like to dive into heavy, savory foods like burgers and fries, pizza and beer, or thick, juicy, meaty submarine sandwiches.

Everything has a limit, even the speed of light.

Too little means not enough exercise or intensity. Perhaps you’re not eating enough whole food. Not enough of what we evolved from, the stuff we need on a cellular level to the tune of 100 trillion. How about fresh air or clean filtered water?

What about that which cometh first: Protein

Are you getting 2 grams of non-denatured protein per kg of lean mass every day? If not your muscle fibers and immune system can’t respond to the effects of training. Not enough nitrogen there to stay positive. Like gravity there are limits to growth, natural or pharmaceutical. But as far as you and I go, muscle fibers either can’t recover or grow or both if we don’t hit the right biochemical numbers. Supply your demand.

If you’re not achieving the results you desire check your math.

Here’s a certainty in the eyes of uncertainty. If we don’t get what we need we’ll surely die before our time. We’ll also suffer needlessly in many ways as sure as a photon of light is created from the fusion of hydrogen deep within the sun. But if we try sometimes we’ll get what we need.

What we want, well that’s a different story. Want is irrelevant to the body. Let’s just focus on what we need and sustain that. Business first pleasure second.

Too late means we’re staying up too late, the effects of which show up in our eyes (regardless of make-up). Maybe we showed up too late and missed the boat...again! Maybe we missed the winning goal or the final performance. Perhaps we missed the train, or the plane or the automobile.

Of course too late might be good if we missed the Titanic, but for a very important date? That might not be cool. Too late for dinner if you’re hungry is a bummer. Too late for love is a fable. It’s never too late for love.

Too late is too long. Be there or be square. Either do or don’t. Squabble less, do more.

The real question here is this. Are we truly getting exactly what we need? By what we need I mean what we need to survive, thrive, train and bust ass. Busting ass means eating organic, real, fresh whole food. It means actually doing it everywhere all the time because we want to. No BS.

For sure we need chi. chi must be recycled constantly. chi is simply an acronym for that which flows in and through us. Pure energy. That which animates us. Let’s call it life. The stuff inside that makes us tick. The magical elixir that compels us to stay alive and seek true lasting wellness. The good stuff.

So let’s take things one day at a time. Like today. Was today a good day? It was for me. I took my supplements with my pre- and post-workout shakes. Yummy! Love those shakes, and if not, WHY NOT? Shake’n’Take Bro!!!

I had a great morning workout and about an hour after my post-workout shake I chowed-down on some great whole natural clean food.

I had a big glass of fresh organic carrot juice mixed with ginger, beets, parsley, cucumber and celery. Wow! Love that ginger. What a great natural anti-inflammatory. Then I tore into a nice chunk of undercooked wild salmon and demolished a huge organic green salad smothered in omega-3 rich dressing.

What we eat is a reflection of our consciousness. A consciousness of health and wellness if we choose fresh whole food, or a consciousness of ignorance and neglect if we choose empty, dead, sterile food.

Dr.C's Favorite Lunch

Raw multi-colored organic vegetables
Cubes of chicken breast (lean protein)
Everyday Healthy Salad Dressing

Foods that heal and nourish, heal and nourish. Foods that contaminate and destroy, contaminate and destroy.

You have to read that again to get what I meant. Let’s read those last two sentences again.

  1. Foods that heal and nourish, heal and nourish.
  2. Foods that contaminate and destroy, contaminate and destroy.

Now what part of those 2 sentences don’t you get if you don’t? The heal and nourish part or the contaminate and destroy part?

We are directed from within and then act without. We think then we move. The environment, which exists independent of our perception of it, is constantly sending us a barrage of mixed messages. Some of them are true, many are false. How we react to our environment is a function of our brain power and possibly, a demonstrable lack of it. But it is also a function of human emotion.

120 individual emotions have been mapped out by the experts. Some say the number is infinite. Like the universe they keep expanding. The six basic emotions include anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. Surprised?

There is also what is known as the Wheel of Emotion established according to various criteria. It reveals an interesting kaleidoscope of emotions balanced by contrasting positive and negative emotional states. Here are some examples.

  1. Joy vs. Sadness
  2. Gratitude vs. Anger
  3. Hope vs. Fear
  4. Love vs. Hate

Emotion is intimately connected to human nutrition, blood sugar and brain state. Originally it was eat to live or be eaten, but there was nothing to consume but nature. Today we eat to relieve artificial stress and what we eat is from hell.

Modern emotional stress is physiologically real to the body but the cause is often manufactured, like driving home in rush hour traffic. So we eat to feel pleasure, to deaden the pain and we often do this without any moral or intellectual restraint. What we eat is often a reflection of what’s eating us.

Emotion is a cerebral disturbance that occurs in order something like this:

First – Cognitive Appraisal > > we process the data in the nervous system and brain

Second – Physiological Change > > the body reacts biochemically and emotionally

Third – Action > > movement is initiated and observed

First we assess the event cognitively. This then cues our emotional response. Next the cognitive reaction starts biological changes such as increased heart rate or some weird hormonal response. We ‘feel’ the emotion and choose to react. Notice I said choose.

What happens to us is 10% of the game. 90% is how we handle it. How we respond. I personally have learned not to trust emotion unless it is good. Logic first, positive emotions second. Negative emotions are crud.

This concept is very powerful if you get it. The science says we have control over our emotions, that we actually create them as a consequence of OUR PERCEPTION OF REALITY. Emotions appear AFTER an event or any experience we perceive. Emotions come after we cognitively appraise reality and any situation.

Aristotle said that we can never master ourselves without first mastering our emotions. I agree. If we can’t control our emotions how can we control our behavior? Furthermore, how can we control what we eat if we can’t think straight?

William James said “Truth is what works.”

So let’s make it work. “It” being your whole life. Let’s learn to control our emotions and act like rational human beings. Let’s act responsibly and take an account of what’s going on. We are after all the ones in control. Controlled exercise and intellectually advanced nutrition is the only way to go. All of science sides with us, so what path will you choose?

The pathway of reason, logic and positive emotion, or the pathway of self-destruction?

Remember Johnny Mathis?

Too Much Too Little Too Late

Yes, it’s over, call it a day
Sorry that it had to end this way
No reason to pretend
We knew it had to end some day, this way

Too much, too little, too late to ever try again
Too much, too little, too late, let’s end it being friends
Too much, too little, too late, we knew it had to end.

As always, stay well and live free! Dr.C