The Dark Matter of Food

According to dominant cosmological theory, dark matter is a form of matter that exists in space and which accounts for 85% of the matter in the universe.

Time Restricted Feeding

Virtually every living organism on the planet has an internal biological clock that helps them anticipate time. New research now indicates that these internal circadian clocks that respond to light also respond and are affected by the consumption of food. These clocks are located not only in the brain, but throughout all the organ systems of the body.

Sports Nutrition Report 2016

"Sports and performance nutrition has officially moved from muscle head to mainstream. U.S. sports nutrition sales soared 11 percent in 2015 to hit $6.7 billion. Sports nutrition is expanding to more average people and to what we call lifestyle users, says Chris Schmidt, senior consumer health analyst at Euromonitor."

The Magic of Testosterone

In 1935, a German pharmacologist isolated special crystals from the testicles of a bull. Later that same year, Dutch chemists determined the chemistry of those crystals and named the substance testosterone.

Prescription For Energy

No one knows what energy is. I’m mean pure energy, the stuff behind the curtain and beyond the veil. Beyond radiation, heat, quantum particles or a photon. No one knows what it is or where it comes from. Some say energy is dark, others light.


The Way Back is a 2010 drama film about a group of prisoners who escape from a Siberian camp during World War II. Lack of food and water, sandstorms, sunburn, blisters and sunstroke weakens the group and many die. The key to their escape and survival is the motive to be free.

Eat As Hard As You Train

Eat as hard as you train. That’s what I tell my students. Don’t leave your diet to chance. Put as much effort into planning your meal strategy as you do your workout schedule. This advice however, is by far more difficult to apply than the workout itself, and based on observation and confession, is where the great majority of athletes fail.

Too Much Too Little Too Late

Too much means you’re eating too much food, too much of the wrong kind of food or too much of what you crave. What we crave today is usually the worst kind of food. Do you crave organic oranges or beet tops from the garden? I think not.

Nutrition on the Go

For most athletes and fitness buffs, consuming fresh whole organic food without compromise is extremely difficult. On the other hand, the concept of pumping iron, training with intensity or skill training for a sport, is far beyond the capacity of most natural health food extremists to even comprehend.

It seems it’s always one or the other, but seldom ever both. This has been my observation for 40+ years.

When Natural isn't Better

The word “natural” has gotten out of hand. In fact, it’s become a downright misnomer (a name used incorrectly). In the health business we overuse the term to emphasize the perceived goodness or purity of something, like a dietary supplement or a food product. And it certainly adds marketing value to our buying and selling activity. NATURAL SELLS.


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