Nutrition on the Go

For most athletes and fitness buffs, consuming fresh whole organic food without compromise is extremely difficult. On the other hand, the concept of pumping iron, training with intensity or skill training for a sport, is far beyond the capacity of most natural health food extremists to even comprehend.

It seems it’s always one or the other, but seldom ever both. This has been my observation for 40+ years.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that finding the hidden valley of Shangri-La would be less difficult that meeting a man who eats as hard as he trains. This is the man committed to the science of living well, who by reason alone embraces the science of exercise AND the science of nutrition. He puts both into action as a function of logic and love for life. H = (nf)²

Most people struggle with exercise. Intelligence has nothing to do with it, neither does work, school, family, children or time. The question is not whether it can be done, but rather, “Do I want to”?

To those who say they have no time or money, what they really mean is, “I don’t want to”.

If they wanted to, they would. A man is what he does and once he decides to do something, including nothing, well, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

For the 2% of adults who don’t struggle with exercise, which agreeably takes discipline and foresight, why then the challenge with eating clean wholesome food day-in and day-out? There are many reasons. Most of us were raised on processed pap right from the beginning. Neurologists know that every sight, sound, smell and taste experienced as a child acts like a computer chip that triggers behaviour through memory. Whatever we were raised on is what many of us continue to eat. Nutrition is often a matter of neural programming from the past.

Access to junk or what some people call “food” is too easy. Order-in or drive-through, the poison is everywhere. Corner stores, gas stations and school cafeterias. Planes, trains and automobiles, even hospitals dish it out. During my last trip to the Amazon, there was nothing to eat locally except bugs and insects, fish, wild boar and cassava. Try getting fat or sick on that.
In this day and age we can’t leave our diet to chance. Our culture embraces science except when it comes to food. We’re like children eating without restraint, stuffing whatever tastes good down our collective throats. Take a good look at the people around you. Look at their faces, their body composition and their skin. Is that the look of optimum health?

When you hit the gym do you move the weights around with a sense of direction and purpose? I hope so. So why not with food? Are you supplying your biological demand? That's the CHI Prime Directive. Do you know what those demands are in terms of energy and essential micronutrients? What about protein, fats and carbs? Do you know how much of what you need? Do you even care?

If you think the food you eat is sufficient to supply your own personal biological demand, you’re dead wrong. Muscle is our health engine and it needs extraordinary support.

Hippocrates said that food was medicine, but in 400 BC refined food didn’t exist. The human genome evolved from organic fresh whole food over millions of years, and that’s exactly what it still needs. Let your food be your medicine my friend, not the cause of your demise. You’ve got very little time left to complete your mission. Don’t blow it.

As always...stay well and live free. Dr.C