Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata is easy and fast to make, but is elegant enough for a fancy dinner. This chicken piccata recipe can be made in just a few minutes. You'll love this seasoned chicken breast covered with a smooth buttery lemon sauce and topped with capers and fresh parsley.

Interview NutraBeauty News

This week we have the honor of gaining valuable knowledge from a noted authority in the fields of fitness, nutrition and sports. Founder of the Cory Holly Institute and creator of the Cory Holly Signature Series of supplements, Dr. Holly is also a writer, speaker and teacher.

Having travelled the world and lived among aboriginal people, his experiences are both enlightening and fascinating for us to read about.

Dive Into Health

California Brown Pelicans are magnificent creatures. Standing on a pier in Redondo Beach CA I am watching them dive from 60 feet plunging bill-first into the ocean below. Like arrows shot from the bow of Robin Hood their aim is true. Rarely do they appear from under the water without several herring trapped in their throat pouch. Pelicans use their pouch like a net to scoop up their prey.


Let's face it. Most people truly interested in fitness struggle with the "doing" part. We won't even mention those that aren't. Once their gym membership agreement is signed and sealed the great majority of members do not show up on a regular basis. Ask any gym owner.

Principles of Weight Training

Q: Dear Cory, I know weight training plays an important role in fitness, health and strength training. I’ve heard and read many theories pertaining to how I’m supposed to train. Could you explain some of the principles that you use yourself in gym and share how they helped you win the Canadian Masters Natural Bodybuilding Championships?

What Women Want

To be a disciplined woman in the year 2021 is a very powerful concept. To resist the temptations of your environment, to have strong control and higher expectations of yourself above mediocrity and to have the will not to “go with the flow”, is truly a rebel stature in our North American lifestyle.

Recommended Analytical Procedures

As a health consultant specializing in human performance and clinical sports nutrition, I routinely engage with a wide variety of clients who express enormous variation in body chemistry, origin of descent, body composition and knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition.

Tracy's Contest Diet

Like Cory, I start "dieting" 100 days prior to the contest date. Year round our diet consists of whole natural food so the transition isn't difficult. We simply modify (reduce) our intake of carbohydrates and fats and increase the volume of our training as we get closer to the event. This forces a biological response that reduces our body fat.

Pet Peeve

I’ve noticed that many people treat their pets better than themselves. I researched this topic by interviewing mature avid pet owners of hamsters, birds, dogs, cats and horses. When I asked the question, "What do you feed your pet?", they all responded the same. "High-quality food".

The Eggs-traordinary Incredible Edible Egg!

An egg is one of the most complete and versatile foods available. Eggs are inexpensive and easy to prepare and can be consumed in a variety of ways throughout the day. More than ever, the egg is being recognized for its outstanding nutritional qualities. Nearly all the essential nutrients required for proper functioning of the human body are hiding under that shell.

The Best All Round Date Squares

Date Squares are a favourite family "Treat" in my home. This recipe is very simple and nutritious. I freshly grind the flour, use less sweetener and plenty of dates, to make a huge, thick square that is rich and sweet, satisfying and filling. Cory says these are by far the best date squares in the world and he should know, he's the "best all round" natural date square expert!

Roasted Garlic

Surprisingly enough the use of garlic for therapeutic purposes dates back to Sanskrit records approximately 5,000 years ago. The Chinese used garlic as far back as 3,000 years ago and ancient Egyptian medical records make reference to garlic dating from 1550 B.C. Even the mighty Roman gladiators were aware of the specific nutritive value of garlic.

Habits of Health: Travel

My first book Recipe for Health (2002) teaches how to get and stay well. It defines optimum health and describes ten principles essential to its achievement. These include clean air, pure water, fresh juice, whole foods, natural light, physical exercise, personal hygiene, periodic cleansing, adequate rest & sleep and nutritional supplements.

He-Said-She-Said Volume 11

Q: Cory, where can you find a good doctor that helps athletes? When you get all of your blood work done where do you go? What do you test your blood for? Recently I had my blood checked. The doctor didn't want to check my homocysteine levels because the medical system doesn't think it needs to be tested?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 12

Q: Tracy, can you tell me what exercises I can do to build size and strength in my shoulders? My legs and back are fine, but my shoulders definitely need some work.

He-Said-She-Said Volume 10

Q: Cory, where can I go to have my athletic fitness tested and receive an overall assessment of my health and biological age?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 9

Q: Tracy, I find it difficult to keep clear and focused about my training and exercise regime. Do you have any suggestions about what I can do to stay motivated?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 8

Q: Tracy, when I do a hard leg workout I feel nauseous, why is this? I work other muscle groups and don't feel this way.

A: Good question. Leg training is always tough; the legs (quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes) are the body's largest muscles and require more oxygen during exercise than any other bodypart.

He-Said-She-Said Volume 7

Q: Tracy, I don' feel I'm getting the intensity I need in my workouts as I suffer with chronic pain from training injuries which interferes with my progression. Any suggestions?

He-Said-She-Said Volume 6

Q: Tracy, I train hard, have a lean physique and I incorporate all the principals you and Cory suggest for supplements and diet, but I do on occasion have a craving for something sweet. Can you recommend a healthy alternative?