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High-Intensity Interval Training & Nutrition

V7N10a - Topics
Failure to Maintain Cardiovascular Health Increases Risk of Heart & Lung Damage
Emphasis On Cardio Brings Balance To Your Weight Training Program
Never Train Specifically To Lose “Weight” or Bodyfat
High Intensity, Short-Interval Training Is Rated Number One

A Health Food Meal in Nevada

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What’s Cookin? Putting Together A Meal
Hot Topic: Life On The Road In Nevada

Dr. Mark Smith: Health & Performance Benefits of Interval Training

V7N10c - Guest
Dr. Mark J. Smith graduated from Loughborough University of Technology, England, with a Bachelor of Science in PE & Sports Science and then obtained his teaching certificate in PE & Mathematics. As a top-level rugby player, he moved to the United States and played for the Boston Rugby Club.

Chlorophyll, Magnesium & Energy

V6N10a - Topics
Make Chlorophyll A Staple In Your Diet Or Pay The Consequences
Chlorophyll Is Fat-Soluble and Stored In The Chloroplast of Plant Cells
Magnesium Is The Central Atom Of Chlorophyll
Magnesium Is Extremely Important For Muscle and Nerve Function

The Real McCoy's Are Unbelievable

V6N10b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Protein Power
Hot Topic: The Real McCoy’s Are Unbelievable

Gene Bruno: Learn More to Earn More

V6N10c - Guest Gene Bruno is the Dean of Academics at Huntington College of Health Sciences. Gene has a Master of Health Science in Herbal Medicine from the University of New England, an Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine from the Australian College of Phytotherapy and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition from Vancouver University.

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

V5N10a - Topics
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Is Known As The “Anti-Stress” Vitamin
B5 Supports the Production Of Cortisol & Other Adrenal Hormones In Response To Stress
Pantothenic Acid Is Non-Toxic at Very High Dosages
The Brain Uses Pantothenic Acid To Transform Choline Into Acetylcholine

Puppy Love & Pet Care

V5N10b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Broiled Tomatoes
Hot Topic: Puppy Love and Pet Care

Karlene Karst: EFA's. Is A Strict Vegetarian Diet Healthy?

V5N10c - Guest
Karlene Karst, RD, is a leading health specialist in nutrition and natural medicine and considered to be an expert in selecting natural foods and wholesome nutrients to help heal the body. Growing up on the family farm in a community dedicated to supporting agriculture, Karlene is aware of the importance of wholesome living and of the toll our modern lifestyles and diets have taken on our health.

The Dope on Doping: Part III

V4N10a - Topics
Steroids Work Much Better in Real Life Than in the Lab
Oral Steroids Must Pass Through the Liver After Being Absorbed From the GI Tract
Testosterone Delivered by The Androderm Patch Enters the Skin Directly Then Moves into the Bloodstream
Wholesome Living & Hard, Basic Training Plus Natural Foods Equal Optimum Natural Health


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