Number 10

Human Motivation: Desire or Necessity?

V3N10a - Topics
The Prime Directive of the Health Industry is Driven by Accountability
Without Discipline the Mind & Body Become Soft
Knowledge Is Power, But Only When Applied
If You Think in Positive Terms, You Will Get Positive Results

The Enigma of the Ectomorph

V2N10a - Topics
Somatotyping is a System of Classifying Human Physical Types & Body Shape
The Ectomorph is Slim, Linear & Small-Boned With Long Arms and a Thin Neck
Ectomorphs Can Often Work Right Through the Day Without Eating
Avoid Prolonged, Emotional Stress, Practice Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

Energy: The Capacity to Perform Work

V1N10a - Topics
Energy Eludes a Concrete Definition
Energy is Defined as the Capacity for Doing Work & Overcoming Resistance
Energy is the Secret Behind True Motivation & Vision
Energy can be Expressed as a Unit of Heat Content or Calorie

If It's Not Working Change Your Mind

V4N10b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Greek Salad
Hot Topic: If it’s Not Working, Change Your Mind

Judgement: Judging a Situation

V3N10b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Fresh Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Hot Topic: Judgment & Judging a Situation

Animal Instincts

V2N10b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Oatmeal
Hot Topic: What Animal Do You Represent?

Positive Mental Attitude: Affirmations that Count

V1N10b - Topics
What's Cookin? The Benefits of Positive Affirmations
Hot Topic: Attitude Is Everything!

Mari-Ann Drevvatne: BC Adventure Bootcamp. Discipline Pays Well.

V4N10c - Guest Mari-Ann Drevvatne is originally from Norway and has been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years. She is a Certified Professional Trainer and is the owner of B.C. Adventure Boot Camp, the ONLY Certified Co-Ed Fitness Boot Camp in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

Dr. Jose Antonio: International Society of Sports Nutrition

V3N10c - Guest
Jose Antonio, Ph.D. is the CEO of the International Society of Sports Nutrition; the only academic society dedicated to promoting the science and practice of sports nutrition. Dr. Antonio earned his Ph.D. in the area of muscle physiology and plasticity from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas Texas.

Maurice Brisebois - Upper 49th, Supplements & Sports Food

V2N10c - Guest
Maurice is CEO and President of Upper 49th Imports, Canada's leading provider of performance nutrition products. Upper 49th distributes several leading edge sports nutrition products lines in Canada, including Next Nutrition, Detour, iSatori, Jillian Michaels, santenutra, Strive, Tapout Energy, Healthy To Go, VPX and The Biggest Loser.


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