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Darin MacDonald: Innovative Health & Fitness Technology

V11N10c - Guest
Darin MacDonald has a unique background featuring an extensive and impressive resume that spans both the fitness and technology worlds. He is the visionary behind TotalTrainer and has been involved in fitness training and nutrition for nearly 25 years. Darin has enjoyed tremendous personal success in competitive bodybuilding and top collegiate athletic programs.

Habits of Health: World Travel

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Seven Habits That Improve & Sustain Optimum Health
World Travel Teaches You How To Survive & Stay Well in the Real World
World Travel Broadens Your Mind & Expands Your Consciousness
World Travelers Have To Be Fearless, Flexible, Fluent & Adaptable

Personal Trainer Faux Pas

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What’s Cookin? Shepard’s Pie
Hot Topic: Personal Trainer Faux Pas

Ty Bollinger: The Politics of Cancer

V10N10c - Guest
Ty Bollinger is a CPA, health freedom advocate, cancer researcher, former competitive bodybuilder and author of the best selling book Cancer: Step Outside the Box. After losing several family members to cancer, Ty refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were the most effective treatments available.

PSN No.1: Sports Nutrition

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Principles Of Sports Nutrition (PSN) Is An Excellent Introductory Program For Students
CSNA Master Teachers Can Teach This Course To Their Own Students Anywhere In The World
Life Itself Is A Sport and Anyone Moving In Life Requires Optimum Nutrition
The Function Of Food Is To Transfer Energy and Micronutrients Into The Body

Spaghetti Squash: The New Pasta?

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What’s Cookin? Spaghetti Squash the New Pasta
Hot Topic: Taking Care Of Your Skin/Pregnancy

Dr. Jay Wortman: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome & First Nations

V9N10c - Guest
Dr. Wortman obtained his MD from the University of Calgary and completed Family Medicine residency at UBC. He has spent most of his career in public health. Early in the AIDS epidemic, Dr. Wortman was Associate Director of STD Control at the BC Centre for Disease Control, where he developed HIV testing and prevention programs.

When Good Just Ain't Good Enough!

V8N10a - Topics
Nature Doesn't Care If You're "Nice"
Nature is a Dictator! Follow the Rules or Suffer!
Nature Doesn't Care How Much Money You Make!
Nature Honors Everyone Who Puts in the Time & Energy

Hanging Loose Hawaiian Style

V8N10b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Edamame
Hot Topic: Life On The Road in Oahu Hawaii

Laura Creavalle: Pro Bodybuilder, Author, Chef and Trainer

V8N10c - Guest
Laura Creavalle is one of the most popular figures in women's bodybuilding with the unique distinction of having the highest number of runner-up positions and the record for the most consecutive appearances in the IFBB Ms. Olympia, the world's most prestigious and highly regarded female bodybuilding competition.


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