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Sports Nutrition: Three Steps to Sales Success

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Greet the Customer and Find Out What They Want
Tell the Customer What They Need
Sell the Merchandise and Collect the Revenue
Practice the Four F’s of Good Communication. Be Friendly, be Fair, be Frank and be Firm

The Essential Keys To Training Success: Part II

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The Second Key is Intensity
Intensity Refers to How Hard You Work Out or the Difficulty of Training
Without Hard Training, No Real Growth Will Be Realized
Muscle Doesn’t Grow Unless It Has To

Have Your Cake & Eat it Too? I Don't Think So

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What’s Cookin? Healthy Condiments
Hot Topic: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too? I Don’t Think So!

The Myth of Spot Reducing

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What’s Cookin? Fruit Crumble
Hot Topic: The Myth of Spot Reducing

Staples, Snacks & Treats: Balance and Order

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What's Cookin? Benefits of Sprinting
Hot Topic: Staples, Snacks and Treats in That Order

Stephen Adele - Proven Ways To Build A Lean Muscular Physique Naturally

V4N4c - Guest
As an avid weight trainer and one-time national competitive bodybuilder, Stephen Adele has always had an intense interest in physique enhancement and muscular performance. With a burning desire to know more about human physiology, Stephen began following the latest scientific findings on performance-enhancement aids and their impact on the physique.

Lui Passaglia - Canadian Football Legend. Keeping The Balance.

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CFL football legend Lui Passaglia spent his entire 25 year career with the BC Lions. As a Lion, Lui was named a CFL All-Star five times and a West Division All-Star ten times. As a place kicker, Lui is pro football's all-time leading scorer; he amassed 3,991 points in a record 408 games with the Leos from 1976-2000.

Bruce Cole - Canadian Natural Health Retailer Magazine

V2N4c - Guest
Bruce Cole is the founder, publisher and editor of Canadian Natural Health Retailer (CNHR), a business trade magazine that covers the health food industry in Canada.ᅠBruce studied at Humber College School of Journalism in Toronto, and began his career when he joined a small community newspaper in Toronto in 1977.

Female Bodybuilding

V1N4b - Topics
What's Cooking? Tracy’s Experience Preparing for Master’s Level Female BB Competition
Hot Topic: Blood Type Diet for Clients

Creatine is Safe and Effective

V1N4a - Topics
Training and Optimum Nutrition: A Means to an End
The Origin and Purpose of SNU as an Educational Tool
Dr.C's First Time Use of Creatine Monohydrate
The Chemistry and Function of Creatine "The Strong"


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