Stephen Adele - Proven Ways To Build A Lean Muscular Physique Naturally

V4N4c - Guest
As an avid weight trainer and one-time national competitive bodybuilder, Stephen Adele has always had an intense interest in physique enhancement and muscular performance. With a burning desire to know more about human physiology, Stephen began following the latest scientific findings on performance-enhancement aids and their impact on the physique.

But he was confronted with a world of confusing theories and information that often conflicted. Using real-world applications as a foundation, Stephen looked for scientific evidence to support his theories. Now he dedicates his time to discovering and reporting the absolute truth about such topics as which exercise routines, nutrition plans and supplements work and which ones don't.

Under the direction of Stephen as Editor-in-Chief, his "tell-it-like-it-is" publication, Real Solutions magazine, has quickly become the fastest growing, most talked about physique development magazine in the world-distributed in 12 countries-with a loyal and growing readership of over 150,000 weight trainers.

Stephen has since co-authored one of the most talked-about, #1 downloaded eBooks on the internetラa consumer's guide to supplements, titled 7 Never-Before-Told Secrets Everyone Should Know Before Buying Supplements. More recently, Stephen authored and widely distributed over 112,000 copies of MAXIMUM GROWTH, Vol. II, an 8-week, proven step-by-step system that spells exactly how to eat, train and take supplements for increasing muscle size, strength and power!

Stephen Adele incorporates the many "inside connections" and lessons learned over the past 15 years in his own pursuit of building a lean, muscular physique. His philosophies combine the latest scientific research, real-world experiences, and a good dose of commonsense, something Stephen believes is greatly overlooked in today's world of over-hyped and under-performing "Holy Grail" tactics for building a respectable physique.