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PSN No. 25: Biological Value

V14N4a - Topics
Biological Value (BV) Relates To Protein Quality
Different Protein Sources Share A Great Variety Of Amino Acid Combinations
Protein Quality Also Plays An Enormous Role In Immune System Function
Biological Value Is A Measure Of How Much Dietary Nitrogen Is Retained By The Cell

Spencer Coppin Superhuman Summit

V14N4c - Guest
Spencer Coppin has a strong education background in natural medicine. He is a Registered Acupuncturist and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a CSNA graduate and is certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine as a functional medicine specialist.

Mentorship Training: A Lost Art

V13N4a - Topics
Mentors Are Trailblazers And Often Create Their Own Private School
Mentors Share Their Experience And Insight Over Time
Value With Discretion Is Placed On Individual Ability, Skill And Performance
The Original Concept Of Mentorship, Though Now Seldom Practiced, Has Incredible Merit

Lima Beans...Revisted

V13N4b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Lima Beans...Revisited
Hot Topic: For the Cause?

Russ Brown CSNA: CrossFit Coach

V13N4c - Guest
Russ Brown CSNA is a CrossFit coach and currently works as an Encapsulation Operator in the nutritional supplement field for Natural Factors. His passion for sport and physical activity led him to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry, where he has been active for over 15 years.

Sports Nutrition for Masters Athletes

V12N4a - Topics
Train for the Sport You Love
Train First and Foremost for Health and Fitness
Think About a Sport You’d Love to Play
Get Excited About Your Training in the Gym Again

Frank Alvarez CSNA Master: Athlete, Pilot, Coach & Fitness Leader

V12N4c - Guest
Frank Alvarez CSNA graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in bacteriology. Shortly after his graduation he joined the Wisconsin Air National Guard where he continues to fly KC 135s for the US Air Force. Frank raced as a professional duathlete competing in five world championships.

Sardine Spinach & Eggs

V12N4b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Sardine Spinach & Eggs
Hot Topic: CHFA Expo West 2013

Avocadoes: Fruit or Vegetable?

V11N4b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Alligators Pears
Hot Topic: The Gym: The First Thing to Get Organized

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

V11N4a - Topics
CHI PRIME DIRECTIVE: Supply Your Biological Demand
Dietary Variation From One Person To The Next Can Be Substantial
The Diet Should Conform To The Individual: Not The Other Way Around
A Slower Rate Of Digestion Helps Maintain A Steady Stream Of Glucose


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