Let's face it. Most people truly interested in fitness struggle with the "doing" part. We won't even mention those that aren't. Once their gym membership agreement is signed and sealed the great majority of members do not show up on a regular basis. Ask any gym owner.

They're too busy, too tired, too rich, too poor, too lazy, too sick, too full, too hungry, too preoccupied, too comfortable, too pretty, too ugly, or just plain too freaking human.

What Women Want

To be a disciplined woman in the year 2012 is a very powerful concept. To resist the temptations of your environment, to have strong control and higher expectations of yourself above mediocrity and to have the will not to “go with the flow”, is truly a rebel stature in our North American lifestyle.

Pet Peeve

I’ve noticed that many people treat their pets better than themselves. I researched this topic by interviewing mature avid pet owners of hamsters, birds, dogs, cats and horses. When I asked the question, "What do you feed your pet?", they all responded the same. "High-quality food".

Habits of Health: Travel

My first book Recipe for Health (2002) teaches how to get and stay well. It defines optimum health and describes ten principles essential to its achievement. These include clean air, pure water, fresh juice, whole foods, natural light, physical exercise, personal hygiene, periodic cleansing, adequate rest & sleep and nutritional supplements.

Who's Life is it Anyway?

Whose life is it anyway? I often ask myself that same question. Why do we burden ourselves with more than our share of responsibility? No one asked us to do it, no one put a gun to our head and forced us to do it, we volunteered! Why?

We thought we could do it and we really wanted to. But when we finally squeezed out the time and energy to do the good deed, we were spent, frustrated, angry and resentful at ourselves because we didn’t have the foresight to just say “NO” and feel good about it.

Sleep: Restore the Power of Your Body

The vast majority of us tend to push the envelope when it comes to sleep. We stay up late working, watching TV or playing video games. The problem with such common nocturnal habits, is they typically rob the body of the time it needs to cleanse, detoxify, repair and rejuvenate. The end result is chronic sleep debt.

The body can endure a sleep debt for only so long, after which if the debt remains unpaid, we suffer and experience the effects of mental and physical bankruptcy.

Cell Phones

Cell-U-itus [a complex neurological syndrome caused by excessive use of wireless mobile cell phone technology; symptoms include brain inflammation, addictive-compulsive obsession, dependence, anxiety, depression and unusual or aberrant-like behavior].

The cell phone is a primitive communication device that exists on the frontier of modern technology, a diamond yet to be cut and polished. It is both a phenomenon and an institution, and for the majority of those who possess one, a habit turned vice.

Adrenal Exhaustion

To cope with stress, Nature equips every newborn with a pair of fresh young adrenal glands, packed full of vitamin C, potassium, zinc, pantothenic acid (B5) and essential fatty acids. Each adrenal gland is nestled on the upper inner surface of each kidney and consists of an outer larger portion, called the cortex, and an inner portion referred to as the medulla.

Although the cortex and medulla are integrated by structure, these two regions are completely separate in function.

A Glossary of Terms

Sport nutrition is a separate category complete with its own unique language. It is loaded with technical terminology and mixed with its own brand of vernacular and slang. It also differs from sport to sport and from country to country, just as the dialect of English also varies between England and America, or from one region of Canada to another.


Here's an interesting observation. Not one rule book on any sport in the world states that the object of the game is to "win". For example, the official 2009-2011 rule book of USA Hockey states the following, "The goal of USA Hockey is to promote a safe and positive playing environment for all participants while continuing to focus on skill development and enjoyment of the sport."


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