the Science of Living Well: Telomeres

In simple terms telomere length is a genetic factor related to our general health. In fact telomere length is now recognized as a biomarker for predicting the timeline of our individual life expectancy. Shorter telomeres equal less life. The word “telomere” is derived from the Greek nouns telos meaning 'end' and merοs meaning 'part.'

Telomere regions function to prevent the degradation of genes near the ends of our 46 chromosomes. A chromosome is a single piece of coiled DNA and contains many genes. The entire genome has about 25,000 protein sequencing genes.

The Simplest Anti-Aging Formula that Every Woman Should Use

First, get active. Sustaining natural muscle creates a strong immune system and assists in fat loss. The skin on your bones will become tight and toned; you’ll have a natural glow and clear sparkling eyes, all of this creates a youthful look.

Physical activity not only refreshes and strengthens the body, mind and spirit; it also improves circulation, reduces blood pressure, tones and builds muscle tissue, develops endurance, increases agility and stimulates the internal organs.

Eat, Drink, Sleep and Move for Permanent Fat Loss

Fat is not inert, it’s alive and active! Fat consists of individual cells, each with a built in capacity to receive an almost endless amount of energy. Fats cells are called adipocytes and can multiply in number by necessity. They are designed as a warehouse to store excess energy. Fat is energy!

Sustainability: What it Really Means

We’ve all heard about sustainability in relation to the environment and the planet as a whole. But what about individual personal sustainability? Just for a moment let’s focus on “us”, as in you and me individually. Forget the environment. What’s going on at home? Is your life sustainable?

Can you continue living exactly the way you’re living right now and not suffer any illness, infection, mental breakdown, injury or degeneration of the mind or body? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely on the right track!

The Athlete Inside

If you’re a true athlete you already know it! But what defines an athlete? What element of performance would you use? Strength? Power? Speed? What about endurance? If someone challenged you right now to prove that you’re an athlete, what would you say or do?

The proof is in the pudding you would say. Just watch me play my sport buddy boy. Or better yet, take a look (as you lift up your shirt). See these rock hard abs? They’re my athletic calling card and they don’t come easy.

CHI Equation For Health

For years I wanted to create a simple and elegant equation for health. Something easy to remember and similar to Einstein’s E = MC². Albert Einstein proposed mass–energy equivalence in 1905 but until he proved it, few believed it. I propose that like mass and, good health and a consciousness of supreme wellness are also equivalent to energy. After all, we're all made from star dust and light.

Let’s analyze Einstein’s formula E = MC²

Muscle & Me: All-Or-Nothing!

Muscle is my health engine. I love how it looks and I love how it feels. I like the sensation of muscular power and strength and I especially like what muscle gives me, confidence and personal pride. Muscle allows all of us to perform a great range of recreation and physical activity. Without muscle none of us could move.

Sports Attrition: The Down-Side of What’s Up

Sports Nutrition! What a great enterprise and fabulous model for achieving and sustaining optimum health and wellness. It’s the only category in the natural health food industry that successfully bridges the gap between fitness and nutrition.

Sports nutrition encompasses a wide range of athletes, weekend warriors, gym rats, fitness buffs, diehard aerobic queens and sport fanatics. It’s a special kind of nutrition for a shrinking and misunderstood percentage of the population. To qualify you have to move with intention, intensity and passion.

What is Sports Nutrition?

Good question!!!! The term “Sports Nutrition” is social misnomer, because it implies a special kind of nutrition only for people who play sports. Granted, anyone engaged in sport is a candidate for such a reference but ‘sports’ in this context is generic and much broader in its definition.

It’s much like how many of us refer to natural health products (NHPs) or dietary supplements as “vitamins”. For example, “Johnny, have you taken your vitamins today?”

The True Wealth of Health

Exercise and nutrition... the ultimate prescription for optimum health and long life. But the exercise must be correct and the nutrition must be biologically compatible with our human genome complex. Fall short and you can expect deleterious consequences more reliable than rising gas prices. Obey the laws that dictate optimum health and that is exactly what you get.

Nature isn't prejudice. She takes everybody down who ignores her. As stated by Francis Bacon, "To command nature we must obey her."


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