How to Raise Athletes... Not Couch Potatoes

Kids differ from adults in two basic ways. First, they laugh a lot more than we do. Their primary theme in life is to play and have fun. Secondly, they are far more active than Canadian adults, who seldom expend enough physical energy to relieve their mental stress or compensate for the food they love to eat. But times have changed.

Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

These terms are becoming better known to athletes who read books, magazines and journals, but there are still millions of people who have no idea what these terms mean or why it's important to understand their significance.

Foundation for Success

Over the years and throughout my career as a Naturopath, Fitness and Sports Nutrition Consultant, hundreds of athletes, bodybuilders and workout buffs have inquired about my own personal dietary regime and training protocol.

Questions relating to my food panel and protein intake are common, and many are curious about my training frequency, supplement dosage or my opinion of a certain product or brand name.

Selfish Benevolence: The Science of Living Well

As in medicine theoretically, the first law of life is “Do No Harm”. In my book that’s the only law we need on the planet. In this article I will confine the philosophical weight of that premise to human interaction only.

Do No Harm means exactly that. Don’t hurt people. Don’t impose your values on anyone by force. Don’t initiate any form of violence. It’s a simple and straight forward rule most people are willing to accept for obvious reasons, however, there’s an element to this ideal that when put into practice on a personal level, often poses a difficult challenge.

The Cream Queen

I’m sure we all know that Cleopatra was renowned for being a beautiful woman with a beautiful complexion. Even if it’s just legend, her name still resembles what women all love to have — natural, flawless, beautiful skin. One thing that remains the same throughout the ages is that beauty is linked to healthy skin.

Cleopatra and other Egyptian queens were known to follow beauty regimes that focused on creating beautiful skin as an outcome.

Dare to be Bare

The Naked Truth. As a professional dance teacher/competitor and fitness instructor/bodybuilder I am surprised, dismayed and often bewildered by the fact that many people have never looked at their own bodies’ in a full length mirror, clothed or naked! As a dancer and natural bodybuilder the mirror is my friend.

It plays a huge role in my training and enhances my competitive performance. As a performer I am scantily clad much of the time, as this reveals dance lines, symmetry and muscular development. Without a full length mirror, I couldn't execute my job.

The Unspoken Secret of Clear Skin

I was recently minding my eight-month-old nephew, Connor, while his parents were on a weekend get-away. His mother left a detailed description of his day-to-day routine, including when he eats, sleeps, plays and bathes. She telephoned me the very first day to check up on her little boy, and the first thing she asked before even saying hello was, “Did he have a bowel movement?”

Shower Power

Drinking sufficient water is crucial to health, but water also plays an important role in external sanitation and personal hygiene. Water seems to have special powers in stress management and body rejuvenation. Perhaps that’s because like light from the sun, there’s absolutely no life without water.

Water affects the skin and muscles. It calms the lungs, heart, stomach and endocrine system by stimulating nerve reflexes on the spinal cord.

The Magic of Dry and Wet Body Brush Massage

I have wet and dry brush massaged for 35 continuous years since beginning at seventeen. At that young and tender age, I had no idea how beneficial brushing actually was, but I knew that my skin felt like silk and that regular brushing gave me a super sense of invigoration and well being. It was and still is, truly magical!

Dive Into Health

California Brown Pelicans are magnificent creatures. Standing on a pier in Redondo Beach CA I am watching them dive from 60 feet plunging bill-first into the ocean below. Like arrows shot from the bow of Robin Hood their aim is true. Rarely do they appear from under the water without several herring trapped in their throat pouch. Pelicans use their pouch like a net to scoop up their prey.

Beholding this natural spectacle, I realize that the action of the pelicans is analogous to several principles that apply to life and functional health.


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