Special Guest Interview

Lance Walker: The Michael Johnson Performance Center

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Lance Walker is the Director of Performance at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in McKinney, Texas where he designs and implements performance training programming for local and international youth, collegiate, elite, and professional athletes in all sports. Lance is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology.

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper: The Father of Aerobics

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Dr. Kenneth Cooper, preventive medicine pioneer and father of aerobics, introduced the concept of exercising in pursuit of good health when he launched the world-wide phenomenon Aerobics in 1968 in his first of 19 books on health and fitness. His latest book, Start Strong, Finish Strong, is a collaboration with his son, Tyler Cooper, M.D.

Alex Chwaiewsky: The Multiple Benefits of Hemp

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Alex Chwaiewsky, Co Founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, has been involved in industrial hemp related businesses for over 15 years. As an early pioneer Alex played an important role in the legalization of industrial hemp in the early nineties in Manitoba.

Dr. Michael Colgan: Nutrigenomics, DHA & Inhibition of Aging

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Michael Colgan, PhD, CCN is one of the world's most popular scientific experts in nutrition. He is a best-selling author, and travels the world lecturing on anti-aging, sports nutrition and hormonal health. Dr. Colgan has a distinguished reputation for expertise in sports nutrition science and functional fitness and is an advisor to hundreds of elite athletes.

Felix Chavez: 50 Years of Dancing

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Felix Chavez is an internationally renowned dance teacher. He is a professional choreographer and winner of the prestigious Feather Award. Mr. Chavez is recognized internationally as an extraordinary coach and choreographer of the Art of the Tango, Latin and Ballroom dance.

Brian Bradley: Restoring Function & Relieving Pain

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Brian Bradley is the Vice President of Therapy Protocol at the world renowned Egoscue Method, headquartered in San Diego, CA. He is an Athletic Trainer/Exercise Physiologist and has authored three best selling DVD's on posture and pain, Pain Free Workouts (Vol. 1 & 2) and Posture Solutions.

Gabriel Lightfriend: A Brighter Life

V8N2c - Guest
Gabriel Lightfriend has been involved in the natural health and healing movement for the past 30 years. He earned a degree in Physical Education at the University of BC and is the author of two published books.

Jacque Miller: Fighting Cancer, Behavior Analysis & Education

V8N1c - Guest
Jacque Miller is a Human Behavior Specialist, Nutritionist and Certified Lifestyle Educator who survived the diagnosis of terminal cancer. She shares this experience in her book, The Lopsided Gal, and travels nationally teaching individuals, families and businesses the art of dealing with crisis and taking charge of their own health and life.

Garrett B. Gunderson: Wealth, Money & Health Management

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Garrett B. Gunderson is a natural-born entrepreneur who began his first licensed business at age 15. Garrett took state for entrepreneurship in high school, and by age 18 was named the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

George Boedecker: Age is a State of Mind & Body

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George Boedecker has been strength training for 58 years, starting in college at age 17. George was a competitive Olympic and power lifter and built his body from 135 to over 250 pounds. George was strong and big, but not fit, so in his twenties, he decided to train for health, fitness and strength.


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