Felix Chavez: 50 Years of Dancing

V8N4c - Guest
Felix Chavez is an internationally renowned dance teacher. He is a professional choreographer and winner of the prestigious Feather Award. Mr. Chavez is recognized internationally as an extraordinary coach and choreographer of the Art of the Tango, Latin and Ballroom dance.

Felix teaches instructors and professional world champions and has worked with many celebrities including James Coburn, Joan Rivers, Thelma Hopkins, Casey Biggs of Star Trek, Laura Harring Miss USA, Tommy and Shelby Chong of Cheech and Chong, Michael Peters, Shelly Duval and Stephanie Zymbalist and others.....

Felix has 52 years of teaching and dance experience. He specializes in the proper Fundamentals of Body Control and Movement and Balance technique. Felix teaches an Elegant and Graceful Authentic Tango Argentino and all Latin and Ballroom Dances. Felix Chavez resides in Toluca Lake, California.