Volume 8


V8N12a - Topics
Apitherapy Describes The Application and Self-Treatment Of Products From The Beehive
Pollen, Beebread, Honey, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Venom, Bee Brood & Beeswax
Bee Venom Therapy Is Useful In Arthritis, Bursitis and Tendinitis
The Origins of Apitherapy Can Be Traced Back To Ancient Egypt, Greece and China


V8N11a - Topics
eTraining Is A Highly Integrated and Truly Holistic Health Program
eTraining is All About Accountability, Consistent Training & Making Progress
eTraining Emphasizes Whole Food Nutrition and the Control of Human Emotion
Emotion and Nutrition Are Absolutely Interrelated & Linked To One Other

When Good Just Ain't Good Enough!

V8N10a - Topics
Nature Doesn't Care If You're "Nice"
Nature is a Dictator! Follow the Rules or Suffer!
Nature Doesn't Care How Much Money You Make!
Nature Honors Everyone Who Puts in the Time & Energy

The Necessity of Education

V8N9a - Topics
Eating Well Is A Question Of Desire and Know How
Education In the Health Food & Fitness Industry Is Not Enforced
Public School Does Not Teach Children About The Science Of Nutrition or Exercise
The Natural Health Food Industry Will Never Prosper Until Education Is Mandatory

Consistency is Essential

V8N8a - Topics
Consistency: Valid Principle or Fantasy?
Conformity To A Specific Set Of Principles, Actions, Or Belief's
Exercise Demands Time, Energy and A Strong Commitment
We Have A Brain and The Ability To Reason

CSNA Masters & New CHI Teaching Program

V8N7a - Topics
The Masters Program is Available to CSNA Graduates Only
Student Assignment is the Production of a Sports Nutrition Education Video
CSNA Masters Are Eligible To Teach the PSN Intro Course
CSNA Masters Must Apply for A CHI Teachers Certificate

The Art of Selling

V8N6a - Topics
Read Every Book On Health You Can Find Morning, Noon & Night
S/He Who Has The Most Knowledge Wins!
Knowledge Of Health Is A Great Asset in Life
To Become An Expert You Must Study With A True Desire To Learn

Twelve Training Principles

V8N5a - Topics
Train Progressively & Train With Intensity
Don’t Exercise To Lose Fat, Exercise To Get Fit
Eat As Hard As You Train
Don't Sit Down Between Sets

Defining Your Life Purpose

V8N4a - Topics
What is Your Life Purpose?
Your Purpose Must Be Unique To Who You Are
How Do We Discover Our Purpose If We Don’t Have One?
If We Don't Live With Purpose, What Are We Living For?

The Secret of Steel

V8N3a - Topics
Heaven and Hell Are Right Here on Earth
What We Believe Sets the Stage For Achievement
The Science of Living Well is a Strategy for Optimum Health
Do You Know What the Secret of Steel Is?


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