Special Guest Interview

Anthony Almada: The Facts, Faith and Fallacy of Sports Nutrition

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Anthony L. Almada has worked in the natural products industry since 1975. He performed his undergraduate training in Physiology with a minor in Nutritional biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine and California State University, Long Beach. He obtained his Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley, completing a research thesis in antioxidant and exercise biochemistry.

Karen McCoy: Health & Fitness Advice for Women

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Karen McCoy CSNA Master is a Personal Trainer, Can-Fit-Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and Certified Bosu Instructor. Karen has sweated it out in gyms for over 25 years, winning bodybuilding contests in both BC and Alberta, including the Alberta Provincial Championships in 1992.

Danny Dreyer: ChiRunning

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Danny Dreyer is the creator of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, revolutionary forms of moving that blend the subtle inner focuses of T'ai Chi with running and walking. Danny's work is based on his study of T'ai Chi with Master Zhu Xilin and internationally renowned Master George Xu, and his 35 years of experience, running, racing ultra marathons and coaching people in intelligent movement.

Dustin Dillberg: Real Genuine Integrative Health Care

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Dustin T. Dillberg, L.Ac, PAS, AET is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Egoscue University and Pettibon Spinal Technologies. His experience includes work at Children's Hospital in San Diego, San Diego Hospice and working with the team at Egoscue Clinic in San Diego.

Chad Benson: Passion, Diligence and Practice

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Chad Benson is the President and Owner of ARC Performance Training Systems located in Surrey British Columbia. Chad received his formal education at the University of Victoria and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Sally Fallon: The Westin A. Price Foundation

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Sally Fallon Morell is founding president of The Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit nutrition education foundation with over 400 local chapters worldwide helping consumers find local grass-based animal products. Sally is also the founder of A Campaign for Real Milk, which has as its goal universal access to clean raw milk from pasture-fed animals.

Charles Poliquin: Poliquin International Certification Program

V8N12c - Guest
Charles Poliquin has been hailed as the most successful strength coach in the world. His ability to get results quickly, and back up his methods with plenty of science, is what sets him apart from the rest. Charles has coached athletes from many professional teams, including the Arizona Cardinals, Montreal Canadians, and Chicago Blackhawks, as well as several Olympic medalists.

Dr. Kay K. Larson: Professional Insight on Building Your Business

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Kay K. Larson, M.S., Ph.D. has been in the health and wellness field since 1987. Along with running a practice consulting with clients on the principles of anti-aging and holistic health, she is also President of Best Health Practices.Biz, a company that prepares and teaches natural health students and new consultants how to become successful practitioners.

Laura Creavalle: Pro Bodybuilder, Author, Chef and Trainer

V8N10c - Guest
Laura Creavalle is one of the most popular figures in women's bodybuilding with the unique distinction of having the highest number of runner-up positions and the record for the most consecutive appearances in the IFBB Ms. Olympia, the world's most prestigious and highly regarded female bodybuilding competition.

Dr. Elson Haas: Integrative Medicine, Detoxification & Staying Healthy

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Elson M. Haas, MD is a medical practitioner with more than 35 years experience in patient care, always with an interest in natural medicine. For the past 30 years, Dr. Haas has been instrumental in the development and practice of Integrated Medicine at a clinic that he began in 1984 and directs, called Preventive Medical Center of Marin in San Rafael, CA.


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