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PSN No. 13: Bones & Joints

V11N6a - Topics
The Human Skeleton Is Comprised Of 206 Bones
The Skeleton Acts As A Storage Facility For Lipids
Bone Is Living Tissue Made Of Specialized Cells
Many Prescription Drugs are Extremely Detrimental to Bone Health

PSN No. 8: Dietary Supplements

V10N6a - Topics
Dietary Supplements And NHPs Are The “Intelligent Choice”
Add Supps To Your Whole Food Diet To Make It Even Stronger
As We Age We Make Less Endogenous Nutrients, Hormones & Enzymes
Big Pharma, Conventional Medicine & Conventional Thinkers Poison Mainstream Awareness

Emotional Stress and Cancer

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What’s Cookin? Quinoa Salad
Hot Topic: Emotional Stress and Cancer

Nancy Lockington: FemSport for Women

V10N6c - Guest
Nancy Lockington is a dedicated health and fitness professional with a strong competitive athletic background. She is a former Canadian National Gymnast with 32 years as a Level II NCCP Gymnastics Instructor. Nancy is the Founder of FemSport: Women's Strength & Fitness Challenge.

Thyroid Health

V9N6a - Topics
Huge Numbers Of Women Are Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism Every Day
The Primary Regulators Of Human Metabolism Are The Thyroid Hormones
One Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism Is Cold Hands & Cold Feet
Thyroid Hormones Contribute To The Ongoing Process Of Bone Remodeling

Experiencing A Death

V9N6b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Honey Halva
Experiencing A Death

Anthony Almada: The Facts, Faith and Fallacy of Sports Nutrition

V9N6c - Guest
Anthony L. Almada has worked in the natural products industry since 1975. He performed his undergraduate training in Physiology with a minor in Nutritional biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine and California State University, Long Beach. He obtained his Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences at UC Berkeley, completing a research thesis in antioxidant and exercise biochemistry.

The Art of Selling

V8N6a - Topics
Read Every Book On Health You Can Find Morning, Noon & Night
S/He Who Has The Most Knowledge Wins!
Knowledge Of Health Is A Great Asset in Life
To Become An Expert You Must Study With A True Desire To Learn

Pesto Patties in Colorado

V8N6b - Topics
What’s Cookin? Pesto Patties
Hot Topic: Tracy’s in BC / Cory’s in Colorado

Alex Chwaiewsky: The Multiple Benefits of Hemp

V8N6c - Guest
Alex Chwaiewsky, Co Founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, has been involved in industrial hemp related businesses for over 15 years. As an early pioneer Alex played an important role in the legalization of industrial hemp in the early nineties in Manitoba.


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